USB C Port won't provide power and display

I have connected a portable monitor via USB C to my Framework 16 laptop. It will not deliver enough power to operate the monitor. I have tried USB C ports 1, 2, and 4 (rear left, middle left, and rear right). None of these ports work.

I know the monitor and cable both work as I can run the monitor with a single cable on another laptop.

Also, this laptop will display to this monitor if the monitor is connected to external power.

How can I enable power and display to be provided from one of the USB C ports?

The USB-C ports do not have a USB-PD output, only standard 5V/3A or 1.5A depending on the load.

But the instructions indicate that ports 1 and 4 (rear left and rear right) support USB4 which is supposed to require USB power delivery. I feel like I’m overlooking something and I’m not sure why sufficient power is not being provided over the cable.

Hi. Is this in Windows or Linux?
What make,model,CPU is the “another laptop” that works?

This is in Windows 11.

The other laptop is: MSI Laptop Summit E14 A11SCS-088 Intel Core i7 11th Gen 1185G7 (3.00GHz) 16GB Memory 1 TB NVMe SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q 14.0" 4K / UHD Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

I think their might be a bug in the AMD GPU drivers causing this problem.
For example, on the Linux Kernel it produces an assert stack trace.
But, if you can find a Laptop with an AMD GPU, and it does not have problems with your external usb-c display, then that will prove me wrong.

I had this exact same issue with a portable display I bought (Fire Legend). It worked with a macbook and other machines but not with my AMD Framework. I bought a KYY monitor from Amazon and that one works just fine with a single cable. Have you tried another brand of portable monitor?

This type of thing is why not all portable monitors act the same. USB-C is not this end-all to everything connected as much as consumers want to think it is. There are so many things going on in the background to make all the extra “features” work.

I am not trying to point the blame at Framework or any other company. It is just the state of things that bring up all these inconsistencies between brands because everyone tries to do their own thing and it does not work with everyone in the Wild-West of USB-C-land.

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What is the brand and model of your portable monitor? I didn’t see you mention it.
Do you know what it’s power requirements are?