Quality of USB-C port in the expansion card is pretty poor

I’ve been loving my Framework laptop so far, but I do have some complaints about the actual quality of some expansion cards.

For example, I purchased the stock modular charger, and the USB-C card’s “grip” on the actual cable while charging is abysmal. It seems to me that the depth of the port is simply not enough. I can see the metal of the cable while it’s fully plugged in, and the amount of wiggle I experience is nowhere near the amounts that I would get using any other laptop. It also doesn’t help much that the port I use for charging experiences some wiggle itself.

All in all, this creates an uncomfortable charging situation, and the cable often becomes unplugged. I’m no engineer, so I’m really just wondering if there’s a reason that the USB-C port seems so shallow? Thanks.


Agreed the USB C port is a bit shallow, and just to note the µSD holder is also shallow with the card prodruding


charging for me works fine, tho i wouldnt mind if they also would make an inbuild usb-c slot, so you dont have to buy an extra usb-c card. nevertheless, i also have a complain. i bought a usb-stick with just usb-c and it connects and disconnects every 10-20seconds. that is very annoying and now i cant use the stick anymore. ofc i could buy an usb-a adapter but thats the whole point of that philosophy. would love to use the card more than just for charging. and yes i tried to put the card in every other card slot. same issue.