USB Controller Resource Exceeded i7/12 DIY with Windows 11

Hi all, I’m seeing this error for the first time on Windows 11 and only on the framework (12gen i7)

It’s connected via USB-C to Samsung M8 which has a 4 port USB plugged into it’s back for Logitech Bolt keyboard/mouse, MS modern speaker, MS modern headset wireless.

I assume since all fw externsions are internally connected via USB-C and this is now chaining off one of those ports it’s exceeding the resource limit allocated somewhere. But it’s a shame as I really want only one cable, but right now I have to plug in one the of the USB devices to another fw port to work.

And ideas or configuration changes that would enable my setup?

(PS: it works fine for other Windows 11 devices like Windows Arm DevKit 2023 and an Intel NUC 11 i7)


Try skipping the expansion card and plugging directly into the TB4 port.

@GhostLegion thanks but unfortunately no change. The “Expansion Card” for USB-C is likely only a short, cased extension “cable” anyway with no logic of its own as it doesn’t even register by itself without anything attached

@Oliver_Fink It’s supposed to just be a passthrough but I figured it was worth eliminating a variable. Is this behavior consistent across all ports?