USB expansion stopped working with dock

I have purchased Anker 563 USB-C Hub (11-in-1) for use with my Framework laptop, and it has been working swimmingly from March 16th till today, April 13th. From what I assume is due to a windows update, the Expansion #3 is no longer receiving the pass-through charging or HDMI cable connected to the dock.

I am dual booting from Windows 10 and Ubuntu 22.04, and the order in which the error occurred is:

  1. I was booted on Windows, and I wanted to switch to Linux to I selected “Update and Restart” option on windows. (Dock was working fine)
  2. I booted into Ubuntu instead of Windows after the restart. (Dock was still working fine)
  3. I turned off my computer for ~ 4 hours, the dock still plugged into the laptop but unplugged from the power source.
  4. I booted into Linux again, and the dock was not delivering power or displaying HDMI input, yet it was receiving USB inputs from my peripherals no problem.

Now, when I use expansion #3 with the dock, the dock no longer works with HDMI monitor and does not do passthrough charging, and windows displays a message that says “Display connection might be limited”. Interestingly enough, when I connect to other Expansion bays, the dock works just fine (so far only tested bay #1 and #4).

It seems that this person is also experiencing the same problem, but it is strange to me how this happened at all, and what is the cause/how to fix this issue