USB ports, bluetooth and Fingerprint Sensor stopped functioning + bootup and sleep issues

I’m using a FW 13 1360p DIY edition, on Windows 11 Pro 22H2.
I received it on mid August (Batch 4) and has been using it for about 2.5 months with relatively no issues. My main usage has been light editing for school and AI rendering with an egpu at home.

As the title says, all the USB ports, bluetooth and fingerprint sensors have stopped working.
In device manager, 3 unknown USB devices (Port reset failed) is showing up and the Fingerprint sensor is missing. I have tried all 4 ports with and without the different USB adapters and while they receive power, they do not work with any other devices, including a mouse.
The bluetooth is missing from the taskbar and settings.

I’ve attached some screenshots for reference:

Another issue that started happening during the same time was that it is now taking a longer time to boot up, at least 2 minutes before the framework logo shows up.
During restarts, the laptop stays stuck on a backlit black screen until I hold the power button to shut it off and turn it on again.
It also does not seem to hibernate when I shut the lid on battery power like I have set it up, staying hot and draining power (Power button stays lit). If I were to open the lid and press on the power button, it does not respond and I will need to hold the power button to shut it off to turn it on again.

Some troubleshoots I have attempted:
Resetting PC (via local reinstall)
Uninstalling USB device drivers on device manager
Reinstalling driver bundle
Resetting Mainboard following Framework instructions (removing battery connector)

I have opened the lid to inspect the ports but did not notice any visible damages in the connection to the mainboards (I did not remove the very left and right covers).

I’ve reached out to support over a week ago and thought I’d post here in the meantime while waiting for a response. Any responses will be appreciated.

Update: support has reached out to me with further clarification. I will update this thread with any relevant information.


I have the exact same situation. Same specs, but Batch 3.

Hopefully they’ve figured out the issue. I’m waiting on support now.

Any update with this? Experiencing the same problem.

I have been having the same issue, did you get a fix?