Vertical Lines Going Down Screen

I just booted up my computer and there was a series of vertical lines of various colors going down the screen. I tried restarting a few times and they didn’t go away. It wasn’t doing this last night. I’ve attached an image of it below. Any idea of what could be causing this and how to fix it?

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Do you see that during boot up or in the BIOS?

It looks like physical damage. Did you put something heavy on the lid with it closed? Has the lid been twisted?

@Fraoch it appears as soon as soon as the computer is turned on and throughout boot up. I haven’t checked, but it presumably appears in BIOS too. I’m not aware of anything heavy being on it, the screen being twisted, or any thing else that would have damaged it. I was watching a video on it last night and I set it down before bed and picked it back up this afternoon. I noticed that if you put a little pressure on the sides of the screen the lines flicker and change positions a bit. So I tried unplugging to cable to the display and plugged it back in but that didn’t change anything.

Sounds like a broken panel, and even if it isn’t, get in contact with support, they should be able to help you. Just know that support times have been a bit slow recently due to an increase in tickets, so it could take some time to get a response, but if you contact them they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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Please submit a support request through Framework Support

Possible physical damage.


I have something similar, just one column lost, but also a splotch above it that looks like perhaps too much pressure on that point in shipping or something.

(This was the first time I’ve turned it on. I’ve already submitted a support request.)

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Ah, yes, certainly in my case - ‘nicely’ aligned with the affected area:

(Sorry I’m partly just posting because I’m having trouble with email attachments, so this is convenient hosting for me to reply to support request with a link :smile:)

The one with the lines is probably a panel problem, not physical damage.
I had a TV that did this spontaniously.

if it is damage you usually see all sorts of colors and a clear crack in the screen.
At least, that is what I see when someone has dropped the laptop.

Thank you all for your responses and sorry for the very delayed response. But I just wanted to send out an update. I contacted customer support and they said what many of you did, that it sounded like a damaged screen. They said they would send me a new one free of charge. It was rather challenging getting it because since buying the computer I moved to Sweden which they don’t service yet. But we finally managed it and successfully completed the replacement. It definitely felt good to have my computer back.

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