Viability of an ML 1220 rechargable battery for RTC | CMOS (11th gen)


No one is saying that you did anything wrong. You didn’t. I think that you know and are willfully dodging that you need to open another ticket now to get your current issue addressed - worn out RTC battery or board with a problem that causes the RTC not to charge properly. Given your use case my guess would be the former. Time will tell if more people hit the issue. Likely yes, but it remains to be seen if it is significant, or incremental.

I have a more than one expensive non-Framework laptop that will run down if I don’t keep it charged. I deal with it. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you or anyone else should, merely noting that for some it may not be a show-stopper.

I hope that our back-and-forth has not been too pointed. I appreciate the vigorous debate, and do hope that you achieve resolution by whatever means.

I have indeed raised another ticket and bought a high quality VARTA ML1220 in case Framework have an issue shipping me one. Though looking at their suppliers I think the VARTA will be a better one.

And no it’s all okay, forums are poor for discussing things. Much better to be down the pub having a moan about it over a pint. :smiley:


Well just to add I paid £2499 in 1996 for a 2x 33Mb 386 CPU 12" screen.

And yes the post is not a fix or workaround for many people, but yes it does stop the ML1220 from a quick and untimely death.

Me no prob, as I have said many times. My use effectively mitigates the issue. How about ‘mitigate’ not ‘fix’ not ‘workaround’

I do not suggest people do what I do, use the laptop every day for hours. Simples :slight_smile:

As I mentioned I took note of the manufacturer on the stock battery my unit shipped with “FDK” and searched for it on Amazon.

Here is the product page, they also offer singles but it’s not much cheaper so I bought two in case it was a dud or I need another in the future.


ML1220 (recharable)


CR 1220

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Framework are sending me another battery. I said “maybe send me a few as I’ll need them if I’m keeping it?”

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As an owner of an 11th Gen. Framework Laptop that has been experiencing this problem for months now, I just want to add a couple of points. At this point my experiences with Framework Support do not give me much hope that doing so will lead to anything productive; I just feel they should be on the record somewhere.

First. Through its entire handling of this problem, Framework has taken a dismissive tone towards anyone who does not use their Framework Laptop as their primary computing device. I have a desktop workstation I do most of my actual work on; my laptop is a backup device to be used when I’m away from my desktop. This means that, yes, my laptop will sit in my bag for weeks or even months sometimes between uses. I’ve been using laptops of many brands that way for 20+ years now, and this is the first time it’s ever caused a problem. I have never had a laptop with a fully charged main battery fail to power up the way my Framework routinely does. Never. Not once.

But in every communication I’ve had with Framework Support – including the posts in this thread! – they go out of their way to tell me that the actual problem is me. I’m using the laptop wrong.

Even @nrp does this in the post above: “the vast majority of 11th Gen users, who are using their laptops more often than every few weeks or months or who keep their laptop plugged into power when not in use…”

I want to offer you an apology. I’m sorry that I don’t use your product the way you want me to. An easy way to end this heartache would have been to have your Support personnel offer me a refund when it became clear to them that I was the (as you continually tell me, exceedingly rare) customer who is too dumb to appreciate the brilliance of your design. Nobody did that, of course.

Second. Framework has made multiple public statements, including in this thread, about being ready to offer replacement hardware to owners of 11th Gen. devices that have this problem. (In the past that readiness has been said to extend all the way to replacing the mainboard, though now it appears to have been scaled back to just the RTC cell.)

I have been in communication with Framework Support regarding this problem for nine months now. I want to emphasize this: at no time, even today, have they ever offered me hardware replacement. Not once. They simply have not ever brought the subject up.

And it’s actually even worse that that. Not only do they not proactively offer replacement hardware, when I have asked them directly about getting replacement hardware – even pointing directly to those public statements! – they do not answer. They tell me to go update my BIOS, or reset the mainboard again, or try leaving the laptop plugged in for another long period.

They do not offer hardware replacement, or even provide a way to apply for hardware replacement, even when directly asked about it. I’m at the point now where I assume they are actively trying to stall me until the warranty period ends.

All of this has been extraordinarily frustrating. The actual technical problem doesn’t bother me so much – it’s a first-generation product, these things happen. But your support experience has turned me off ever buying a Framework product ever again. I simply do not trust you to stand by your products.

  1. No way :slight_smile: where did Framework say that > can you quote
  1. Again this is not true, you are picking and packing.

a) Framework have asked people to test and if the test fails and the problem is the main board then they will replace it

b) If it is just an overworked ML1220 they will replace it but remind users that the laptop will need to be plugged in for some 7 hours a week to keep the ML1220 charged

and that for those that can’t handle b) above they will suggest a physical mod but without guarantee.

That’s all hearsay and there is no evidence to the show you have carried out their tests.

  1. Charge for 48 hours

  2. What is your use scenario as it may be just you have depleted the battery

  3. If upon using a new battery, charged for 48 hours it still fails then it would indicate a poor holder or soldering, only in that case will they offer an RMA to test, repair or replace. It is not your privilege to ask for one.

And note that this topic is about the ML1220 whereas your post is more a general complaint about support ~ there are topics that deal exactly with that.

If I find one I’ll add a link etc.

So to the ML1220 problem.

  1. How long have you had the laptop
  2. When did you notice the problem etc.
  3. Can you say how many times you didn’t have it plugged in for 7 hours a week as this can seriously shorten the life of the battery
  4. Have carried out the test i.e. charged for 48 hours and tested and has this info been passed to Framework
  5. Have the offered a new ML1220 to see that resolves the issue, with the caveat that you plug the laptop in for 7 hours a week.

If you can answer the above precisely in that order the you are now in a position to further test.

Ideally you could keep it plugged in for two days then not plugged in for two weeks - if it turns on then no unusual problem. If it doesn’t then maybe you have a fault.

if you want a fix it is not a quick process, and yes it would be nice to have known before purchase, but it seems Framework didn’t test in such a way to discover.

What more can they reasonably do but ask users to do extensive tests to see if it is their use and the battery dies or a poor connection which limits charge and curtails use.

I am sorry that you had this experience, but I had a complete different experience with the framework support team. They were always kind and friendly to me, they never blamed my usage habits and they offered me a replacement even though I never asked for it!

I just replied, because I don’t think it is fair to say, that they treated anyone like your statement above. They did not treat me like that.


Do as I have and write it off as a bad job. Framework are sending me a new battery…which will be dead in a few months…

This machine is largely unsuitable for my needs as it is. I’ve actually gone back to my 12 year old Dell. It works!

Once bitten… Win some lose some. Sometimes trying to do the right thing bites you hard.

It was fun the first few months.

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@Jason_Dagless It really sucks that is the attitude you have. Not that I blame you, you have reason to feel that way, it just is really poor that this issue hasn’t been handled well.

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Yeah its sad but that’s how it goes. I wasn’t to know the design of 11th Gen was flawed for those of us that use a full PC for our daily driver.

Does go to show that proper hardware testing with regards to as larger usage group is essential.

Don’t dismiss the fix that is ‘about’ to be posted.

Although it would nice if there was a recall and Framework did it, given a user hardware mod may screw up the main board and invalidate the warranty ~ ???

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Yeah I don’t have the soldering skills. If it clips on, fine.

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Well I’ll update on my view of the process. I was an electrical maintenance engineer 54 years ago, when soldering was of larger items like resistors, so with my less nimble fingers I am also a bit aprehensive.


Fingers crossed then! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Jason_Lefkowitz Hi Jason, sorry for your trials with your Framework laptop. As someone who has actually gotten his Framework laptops’ motherboard replaced, I can point you in the direction of “efforts needed”. Refer to my post here. Unfortunately it was a long and verbose process that took almost month of data collection as proof of issue.


  • Charge laptop for 48 hours
  • Un plug
  • Leave overnight
  • Try to start without plugging in next day morning. Repeat… If it doesn’t work reliably, you have a issue with the board.
    (Take battery status screenshots and video of system not booting up on power button press)

If you have to leave it unplugged longer than 21 days, that’s a valid use case, but Framework laptop is not built for that :frowning: They will not acknowledge it beyond this thread. Draw whatever conclusions you want from that.

If your laptop is dying before that, it could be either battery or motherboard or both. I managed to prove it wasn’t battery, (by chance).

Framework support can be iffy, specially their first line of support. After a couple of emails I just told them - look I have given everything you need in the above thread, either tell me what more you need or I’ll assume you don’t want to deal with this issue. That bumped me up to second line, who actually cared to go through all the stuff I posted. Things were very smooth there onwards.


I gave you a link right in the post. It points to a post right here in this thread! What more do you want?

  1. Since March of last year.

  2. Within weeks of purchase.

  3. I would daresay very few weeks have passed where it’s been plugged in 7 hours a week, since, as I already mentioned, it was purchased for light, infrequent use.

Please note that Framework never said anything at the point of purchase about the device being unfit for infrequent use.

  1. Per Framework Support’s instructions, I have on multiple occasions left the device plugged in for long periods. They used to tell me to do it for 24 hours, so I did that. Now it seems like the word is 72 hours, so I’ve done that. In all cases this brings the device back to bootable status… for a while. Then it croaks again.

  2. Framework Support linked me to this thread, but still did not offer me a replacement ML1220. I had to directly say to them “are you waiting for me to officially request a replacement, because I’m officially requesting one” for them to actually offer me one.

If the product requires a minimum of 7 hours a week of constant charging to be usable, then it is defective. No other laptop on the market requires that.

If the product is defective, but that defect has been worked out in subsequent production units (which seems to be the case, from Framework’s statements), what they could “reasonably do” is recall the affected units and replace them with later-production units that do not have the defect.

They are not doing this, and if this conversation is any indication, they never will. Because why bother, if your customers don’t care?

All I can tell you is: I took a chance on Framework, and they have made me regret it. They sold me a lemon, and when I tell them that, they just ask me why I don’t like the taste of lemonade.


Yes that’s a very important, but they weren’t aware of the issue until some users had the more casual use. If everyone was like me, 6 hours a day it would never have been noticed.

I understand the argument, but it is not defective as there was no mention either way, but yes not useful for some users.

My friend has just pointed out it’s like one of those feed my pet games it must be fed daily not put in the wardrobe and ignored for two weeks, it will die.

Why spend a $1000 on a pet you are not going to pet.

That’s children for you, they want the pet but don’t want to look after it.



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