Videos and applications become overexposed sometimes on monitor

This is an odd error in Windows 11 latest release on my Framework 16 with the 7840HS CPU, 780M iGPU, and 7700S dGPU. With HDR OFF videos and other applications appear overexposed at seemingly random times. Interestingly, I cannot capture this in a screenshot:


Video displaying correctly (screenshot) ^


Video displaying correctly (photo) ^


Video displaying incorrectly (photo) ^


Video displaying incorrectly (screenshot) ^

All I did in this example was scroll down the YouTube page slightly. This occurs even when playing videos locally in MPC and other software. Turning ON HDR fixes this problem, but I don’t want HDR on because it is limited on my external monitor and causes other problems. This also occurs on the internal screen. All FW drivers and BIOS are on the latest stable versions.

I’ve also had this, thought it was just me being tired but I’m glad I’m not the only one

I was able to change the setting but I can’t remember what setting it is, it says something about dynamically changing the colors (I think it’s some sort of HDR alternative)

In Windows settings or Radeon settings?

Windows settings

All of the HDR and video enhancement settings are off. The issue disappears while the HDR settings page is open lol. Must be some bug related to HDR.

Solved this by deleting the icc profile from the monitor manufacturer and using the windows default. Wasn’t issue on my last pc but must be a windows issue.

I’m having this issue with the Laptop Display, all HDR Settings have been switched off so no reason really for this.