Why is the Intel i7-1185G7 so much more expensive (+$700). Is the fan / cooling system changed?

Just wondering about this. Is it the same mainboard pretty much except for the change in cpu?


Good question. I assume that the fan will run higher and more often, and the battery will run out quicker.

I think the price difference is mostly due to the CPU, Intel charges a big premium for vPro support.

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@Patrick_Payne That’s the thing, I looked up the MSRP for the CPUs (not perfect I know) and the difference there was only around $150–not $700.

Which is why I was wondering if there’s anything else done to justify the price increase. Changes to the mainboard etc.


Value added markup?

In other words, maybe nothing different at all.
I remember reading years ago about certain ratings on chips. Batches were tested and then labeled bases on where the failures started occurring.

I think Intel used to do that with Celeron processors. If it failed certain tests, it would just become a “lesser” version: less cache, no FPU. Something like that.

And, IBM used to just have jumpers on modems to go from 1200 to 2400 baud. Same modem, just pay $$$ to have IBM tech move jumper, and double your speed. They did the same things in minis.

Binning is standard practice for chip designers. Yes those two CPUs probably are based on the same die/dies but I don’t think that explains the price differential that @Sxm_63 is referring to since the MSRPs aren’t that different.
If the mainboard is the same, it might be markup for Framework to maintain its profit margins.

I paid the extra $ to be in the 1st batch :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The following article for the Linux guys shows that there’s not much performance to be gained with the 1185G7 over the 1165G7. In fact, the 1165G7 won out on many games.


It would be cool if the extra expense was for thermal cooling. That might help with the thermal throttling on the 1185G7.

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These are good points…

I am seriously thinking on pre-ordering one, but sadly I have no knowledge on much of the difference between both i7 processors… let alone how the battery life goes for each. It would really be nice to know actual numbers :frowning: