Confusion around what a vPro wifi module does

I have some confusion around what a vPro wifi module does or why it might be necessary.

Laptopmag says this about vPro:

A platform of hardware and firmware, vPro technology is found in a wide variety of devices. In terms of notebooks, vPro is found in thin-and-light business laptops and 2-in-1s, mobile workstations, and high-end gaming hardware. Specifically, vPro hardware is found in a device’s CPU or chipset (or both), as well as in its wireless (and wired when available) connectivity chips.

On reddit, some people have mentioned the following about vPro:

Not much use for it with consumers, and he doesn’t have the CPU for it anyway. Getting vPro requires maxing out the CPU too.

vPro option wasn’t important to me and especially not important enough to spend another $300 on the max cpu.

So it sounds to me like I shouldn’t be getting the vPro wifi module if I don’t have a vPro CPU? Why is that even an option in the configurator?

You will be able to upgrade the motherboard at a later time when the marketplace is added. I’d think that is the reason. Maybe a smaller disclaimer should be added when selecting the Wi-Fi module, but I don’t think it’s necessary, if you need vPro then you already know about what it is.

I’m not positive but for the Dell XPS the reason the vPro is mentioned with the wireless is their default option is a Killer wireless card which isn’t vPro compatible, only the Intel wireless cards are.