Want a bigger screen size option

I’d like to see a larger overall laptop with a bigger screen size. They seem stuck on the 13.5 diagonal screen, which to me is a micro laptop. Even if you go to Walmart or Best Buy you see laptops of several different sizes. I have a work laptop with a 13.5 inch display and I can’t stand to use it without hooking it up to a large monitor. I usually have it running two monitors! My home laptops are huge and I like them. To use my work laptop alone is a strain to me eyes due to the tiny screen. This company still refuses to get that not everyone likes a tiny laptop. People have different levels of eyesight, some like bigger screens. Especially when they are getting older. I still will not buy one of these but I’m in love with the concept. I’ll buy one if they make a bigger one though.

Why not get the Framework 16 then?

I thought they were all 13.5 and the 13 and 16 just referred to AMD vs. Intel processors.

Okay, I now see that, I didn’t look at the 16 once I saw that they were AMD Ryzen. But now I see that it’s also a 16 inch screen size. Their website is confusing and not clear on things. I want only Intel processors. So are you telling me that you can only get the 16 inch in AMD? No AMD for me.

Yes, the Framework 16" is AMD only currently.

Currently AMD is better for laptops and you would need to preorder the laptop and wait a couple months anyway. I have the R9 fw16 and thinking of a way to disable half of the processor or at least undervolt, to get even better battery life… And it definitely runs cooler than what I heard of the intels, no fan until I start playing a game

Appart from the high power-consumption for video playback on linux.

Afaik noone has managed that jet.

Hi but did you search before you made such a vague open topic :slight_smile:
For example do a search for [15 inch] and you get loads of topics, try 16 etc.



As mentioned there is a 16"


Sorry, don’t hurt me. I’m not very familiar with the weird forum setup they have here. I am new here. Holy smokes, chill out a bit. A bit harsh.


Yeah, I don’t care if AMD is better for lappies. And I don’t game on lappies anyway. Intel is okay for casual use, would get this for my girlfriend who only just browses the internet but I can also easily fix it or upgrade it. Please don’t suggest that an Intel can’t handle browsing the internet. I just like Intel and don’t wish to try AMD, even though I’m sure it would be okay. If they can make the 15 inch for AMD then they should be able to make one for Intel. Just sayin’. I only game on a big PC, which I already have.

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That’s a little rude. This is an understandable question that has been poorly addressed imo.

OP asked if Framework makes a laptop with a bigger screen size. The answer is that yes, they have the Framework 16. Unfortunately for OP, at this time the 16 only has AMD cpu options as it is still a relatively new product.

@Mark_Morton I’m sorry for how you’ve been responded to, it is understandable to be a bit confused by the way that info has been laid out, and you are not wrong for wanting an Intel cpu in your laptop. While it does not seem that Framework has a laptop that meets your requirement at this time, there is no indication that the Framework Laptop 16 will never have an Intel CPU, and the 13in version has over the years gotten both Intel and AMD CPUs.

If you need something now, you’ll have to look elsewhere, but there is a chance that Framework will make something that you could consider in the future.


I can relate to you on the difficulty of navigating these forums. If it helps, the forum software is called “Discourse” a few communities use it to supplement chat communities like Discord. It may be helpful to look up Discourse if you’re wanting to participate in Framework’s forums again. You’ll get the hang of it eventually, but I agree it’s much harder to navigate than old BB forums.

As for the laptop.

I think part of the challenge is getting a gpu pairing. The Framework 16 is designed around being the first to pull of upgrade-able graphics.

Unfortunately I think the Intel Arc gpus came a little too late into that process. Since AMD has that pairing already it reasonably seems like the easiest choice for this first iteration.

I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an Intel Framework 16 in the future if you are willing to wait longer for the potential of one being released.

That said, AMD and Intel are neck-and-neck so I’m a little curious why you’d rule out AMD CPU’s as an option. (I’m not defending one choice or the other).

The Framework community definitely prefers AMD at the moment primarily because AMD started out performing Intel for two iterations in terms of power efficiency. The 12th and 13thgen are now comparable to AMD in this regard so the playing field has leveled a bit.

I used to be all Intel no matter what as well, however the AMD 7040 series had me excited when seeing it’s performance numbers and it definitely lives up to the hype.

I think in the end, its a matter of picking 13", 16" AMD, or waiting a bit longer for the chance of an Intel 16". So if you are worried about quality differences, I just want to assure you the AMD chips are competitive with Intel in that regard. The Framework 16 with gpu module does seem like a great fit for this use case.

If you’re still wanting only Intel, only a 16" laptop, AND you absolutely cannot wait, there are a few other manufacturers that make decently repairable laptops you could use in the meantime if you’re open to other recommendations.


Well getting ‘low quality’ replies certainly doesn’t make me want to get a Framework more! Most replies have been classy but some remarks like “Can we close this low quality thread” aren’t really cool. Basically, it took me a while to realize they do have a large screen size because the site navigation is clunky and of course this community forum has a weird structure. I was probably one of the earliest requestors for a larger laptop almost two years ago when I first found out about framework. Didn’t like the fact that the only large laptop was limited to AMD at first but I’m glad they listened to me and probably others on the size thing. It seems to me they could easily make a larger Intel laptop too and just put the same guts in there as their smaller Intels. They’d just have a lot of extra room, so how would that be so bad? Still trying to make up my mind on this but the nasty replies don’t help at all. They should moderate the unhelpful and snarky comments out.

Try no to get discouraged. Communicating on the internet can make it tough to judge tone and intent and people can get riled up. Nothing personal.

With the 13" laptop (13" “class,” but technically a 13.5" diagonal screen), they started with Intel and had people clamoring for AMD. Before launching the 16" they did a poll and it seemed the majority wanted AMD. I’m sure they would like to have an Intel option too, but they had to start somewhere, so they went with AMD. Since then, there have been people requesting an Intel option, so I’m sure they would like to have an Intel version at some point.

Hopefully they will have an Intel version sooner than later, but nothing has been announced at this point. So when is anyone’s guess.

If you don’t have any specific reason to lean Intel or steer away from AMD, I wouldn’t fear getting a laptop with an AMD CPU, but you certainly aren’t the only person to prefer/request an Intel version of the 16" machine, so hopefully Framework will be able to make one happen before too long.


Well, apparently there is to be a significant announcement at the conference next weekend.

Where did that come from? :grin:

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I wonder … :roll_eyes:

Just wish I could justify going to Seattle (from the UK) :pray:

I wasn’t trying to tease anything, just trying to make sure that folks here don’t have an expectation of an announcement.

We have attended Scale21x (2024 Southern California Linux Expo) last month but we have not announced it on social media/community platforms, except for Mastodon. Attendees were surprised to see us there, that’s why we have decided to announce this one beforehand. We are not attending Open Source Summit 2024 to announce a computer with a bigger display :grin:


Ah, then I misread the ‘event announcement’ … it is just an announcement of attending an event, not that you are going to make an announcement at the event … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I had thought maybe you were going to announce an intel processor for the FL16 … :sob:

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