Warning to anyone who is thinking of playing Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves on Iris Xe

I’ve been trying to play Uncharted: LoT through the Epic Games Store on my Intel i5-1135g7 integrated graphics, and actually got decent fps when lowering the graphics, but the game keeps crashing randomly… I don’t know if it doesn’t crash with a eGPU, but just a warning to anyone who is thinking about trying it on their Framework: It is extremely buggy and not worth it right now.
Also, before anyone mentions it: Yep, I know that Dedicated Graphics are better than Integrated Graphics, and this is just a warning for anyone thinking of trying it with their Iris XE only…

Did you try changing the API? Switching API’s might improve stability if that is something available to you.

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@GhostLegion I actually did try that, and it worked for a little while, but then it just started crashing again… At this point I feel like the game itself is probably the issue, as other games run fine on my computer… Thanks for the idea though! :+1:

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Update: It is definitely the game as I tried on another computer with a AMD processor and it still crashed at the same point… So I definitely recommend avoiding this buggy game on PC for right now!


Amazing, just played Marvel’s Spider Man remastered, different PC porting team, runs great and no crashes! Really disappointed in the company that did the Uncharted port…

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