WD Blue Nvme Drive is undetectable

I’ve purchased 2 x Mainboard (11th Gen Intel® Core™) - i7-1165G7 and I was able to install and boot Windows 11 on one board with a WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 1TB.

The second board I’m re-using a Western Digital Blue 3D Nand 2 TB (WDS200T2B0B)

  1. The WD Blue is detectable in the laptop I pulled the drive from. While diagnosing the issue, I was able to put the drive back into the original laptop and clear the disk with diskpart. WD Dashboard also stated there are no updates available for the drive.
  2. Installed on a mainboard, the drive is not detectable by a Windows 11 installer or Diskpart.
  3. Installed on a mainboard, the drive is not detectable by a Fedora Live CD. nvme-cli tool did not detect any nvme drives
  4. WD Blue is not detectable in mainboard Bios.
  5. If I swap drives and mainboards the behavior is the same. WD Black is detectable and WD Blue is not detectable.

Is there anything I can try before buying a WD Black?

That specific WDS200T2B0B drive is a SATA M.2 drive (Two notches) which is not supported by the Framework mainboard. You’ll need an NVMe drive which only has one notch.


@Nich_Trimble thanks! That is the second time I’ve failed to recognize SATA M.2 and notches. I’m learning about the various M.2 devices the hard way…

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