WD Green SSD Firmware Download Failed

I have a problem “Firmare Download Failed”. I’m so sad(

Hello there. Whatever caused it to fail might be transient.

I’ve skimmed the source of the Python and bash update scripts that have been discussed in this thread. Neither contains the error message you posted.

Can you tell us a little about your FW13 (linux distro and version) and which update script you are using?

It might prove helpful to know some more about your SSD. Paste the output of this command:

$ cat /sys/class/nvme/nvme0/{model,firmware_rev}


Sorry for my mistakes. My English is not so good
So, I use Windows 10 pro. I’m not a programmer. I have WD Green (wds120g2g0a) is the worst ssd.
The disk stopped showing in bios. it does not display the firmware. I found out the serial number and firmware on the Internet.
When I try to update a firmware, it displays:


it also doesn’t want to display the serial number. I tried all the options and nothing helped.
I think something happened to the chip, but it is new.

I don’t understand this at all, so it may look extremely stupid)))

No need to apologise @moonlight.

This thread is about updating the firmware for linux users who do not want or have access to Windows to enable them to use the native Western Digital tools.

I assumed you were having difficulties using one of the linux scripts developed by @not_a_feature and since I have used those scripts I offered to help.

Unfortunately I don’t use Windows and am not able to help you. You might get a more-informed response from community members who use Windows if you started a new thread. Or maybe one of the moderators (@Morpheus636 perhaps) could move your posts to a new thread.


edit: came back and added call-out to Morpheus.

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