Webcam capture low framerates in low light

Just received my laptop and it has made an amazing first impression on me!

One issue I have is with the webcam. The image quality is exceptional but I’m not getting the expected framerates while recording videos or on live video calls. Linus’ review showed it easily capturing at 60 FPS indoors, however I’m only getting 10 FPS in recordings and visible choppiness/motion blur in the live feed.

I assume it has something to do with the firmware doing auto-exposure and/or some other image processing because I am in a moderately lit room. It improves if I point the camera directly onto a light source to capture a mostly-white picture…but only to 15 FPS–still far from the expected 60. Same behavior if I set it to capture 720p via the Windows Camera app.

Anyone else experience this? Anything I can do to troubleshoot?

OK, I just stepped outside and in sunny conditions it captures at the full 60FPS. I guess I underestimated how dark my room is. Still a little disappointed in the low-light performance, but at least I know the hardware isn’t defective.

The default behavior is auto-framerate to handle low lighting conditions. You can fix capture framerates in different applications (I think including Windows Camera if you go into the advanced settings), but in low light we would expect the image to end up noisy. We would also still expect it to be much less noisy than the average notebook webcam though!

Thanks for the info! I couldn’t find any option to fix framerates in the Windows app, but I’ll look for some third-party apps to see what it’ll look like.

For anyone else curious, overall I am extremely happy with the camera quality. Here’s a side-by-side comparison with a brand new X1 Carbon Gen 9 720p camera (with IR).


The difference shocked me!!


Wow, that’s an incredible improvement!

Agreed! Helluva picture there. Almost makes me want to use it, you know, for conference calls. Almost. :grin: