Website not accepting credit card

I’m wondering if anyone is having difficulty purchasing online. I attempted to order a laptop today, but the order was declined with an error that the credit card was declined. I called my bank and was told that the transaction was not declined by them. They suggested it was likely a problem at Framework. I then tried several different browsers, thinking that might be the problem. No success with that so I contacted Framework support. But no response. Anyone know what’s going or can anyone offer help?

Hey @Peter_Shile, welcome to the Framework community!

Can you please confirm when did you contact the support team? As you might have noticed we currently do not provide live support, just wanted to make sure that you have given the support team plenty of time to take a look at your case.

Thank you!

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I didn’t notice that support was not live, but that’s good to know. I contacted support about 2:00 PM Eastern time.
Can you help?


Thanks for your reply. Our support team usually replies back within 1 business day. Due to nature of your question, we can not discuss details in this public forum thread but please let me know if you do not receive a response from the support team in a extended period of time.

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