What comes next?

Hello. So here comes a question that has probably already been asked here. When will the framework laptop be available in country X? I live in Czechia any plans on getting it there next or perhaps plans to ship across a whole Europe? I did register for the waiting list to get notified but I would still like to ask what is the next step for framework? (And when we can expect that step.) I will appreciate any info that framework team or anybody else can share. :slight_smile:

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There is no announce about the coming next countries from Framework. They just announce when country X is available. A number of waiting people for country X, registered on the locale page is considered as one of the next countries. If you want to see Czechia as a next country, you can promote Framework Laptop to your friends and colleagues, and ask to register on the locale page.

For a summary of the supported countries topic, here is a Wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framework_Computer#Supported_countries_and_regions

I live in Czechia too. I bought Framework Laptop taking a risk by a shipping forward service. But it doesn’t mean I recommend the way to you.