What countries will you be shipping to?

Does this laptop ship to South-East Asia, like Sri Lanka or Bangladesh?

Not yet unfortunately. The laptop currently only ships to the US and Canada, and it will start shipping to Europe later this year. I’m not sure when Asia will be next in the shipping timeline

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Looking forward to getting my hands on a couple of these when released in Sweden!


Looking forward to get my hands on one too in Belgium :slight_smile:

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Are their any plans to launch it in European countries like India and will we be able to see any hybrid/2 in 1 framework laptops in future.
Ps: Thanks
Edit: I want a hybrid laptop but can’t find one that suits the need. This one might do?


We do plan to make the Framework Laptop available in India, but it is one of the more challenging countries to import consumer electronics products into, and will not occur this year.


We’d love💜 to see you in our country, cause, we care about reliability more than new features. we don’t buy anything until it’s completely broken.Your products match perfectly with our psychology.

(My laptop motherboard has died a week ago and i couldn’t find same motherboard. 400$ laptop is totally useless just because of one part😡 I’m not in a position to buy a new laptop,so i have to complete my college without laptop🥺)

Please bring your products in our country through 3rd party dealers/sellers.


When can I place an order in China?
I am a Chinese classmate. I saw the evaluation of our machines on BiliBili website. I liked it very much. I was shocked by the open thinking structure. I inquired a lot of methods. At present, there are no friends in the United States. Some friends also illegally mail because of the epidemic. I like our product DIY very much. I want to ask when China will support ordering and placing orders. The time can wait. I hope it will be sold as soon as possible, Many people in China need this.

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So, I understand that the Framework laptop will be available in Europe and in others countries by the end of the year. Is it possible to have a better timeline?

I would love to have at least an approximate date on which an announcement on the matter will be done.

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We don’t have a more specific date just yet. In a normal year, we could probably provide a better roadmap, but with the current environment on international logistics, we don’t want to extrapolate too far.


“current environment on international logistics” = Communist China reverting to Maoist autarky and COVID wackonomics taking its toll.

I want this company to succeed on proposition alone, a simpler and more honest one for more austere times ahead.

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I am a student that is soon going to high school. When will you guys be shipping to NZ? Also do you have any plans for a Gaming Laptop? Thanks.

Framework won’t be designing a gaming laptop anytime soon most likely, currently it’s about ironing out issues and improving the design of a repairable laptop. If you want to game on the Framework then an eGPU should be sufficient for most tasks.

@nrp okay, I see. I understand.

I live in France and my computer is dying. More specifically, the screen is dying :slightly_frowning_face:. I think it can handle a few more months. I really really want to buy a framework laptop.

I know you guys are recommending to wait and to not buy it from the US with a mail forwarding company. But I need to know if you guys are sure that we will be able to order and receive our framework laptop by the end of the year to take a good decision.


I understand Framework can’t come to India this year, but i do hope to see you next year or the year after. Your product fits in perfectly with the mentality of Indian people when it comes to maximizing the use out of any gadget and how easy it is to get any repairs or upgrades done on your own. Lost of love from India. Wish you good luck!


I’ve seen that there are plans to ship the laptop to Europe this year, and was just wondering if this will include Norway?


This post from the EU shipping topic is probably of interest.

While Norway isn’t part of the EU technically showing interest by selecting it in the locale dropdown is probably the best way to show that there’s interest in the Framework there.

Can i just start by saying ,I love everybit of frameworks products ,ideas ,and policies. I am a engineering student from India and will love to own a Framework laptop…they just are perfect in every sense.
I was curious about when will Frameworks products be available in India, i would totally love to buy the DIY kit and assemble my own.(Being a student i totally wont be able to afford 70k INR laptop anytime soon but if i ever do , I really wanna buy one from Framework.)

All they say is End of Year, and while I understand that they don’t want to create false hopes, I would love for them to get even a teensy bit more detailed, or even maybe give a new, more updated statement instead of the endless copy/paste of End of Year, enter here for interest Framework | Fix Consumer Electronics

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Here’s your answer.

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