What countries will you be shipping to?

All they say is End of Year, and while I understand that they don’t want to create false hopes, I would love for them to get even a teensy bit more detailed, or even maybe give a new, more updated statement instead of the endless copy/paste of End of Year, enter here for interest Framework | Fix Consumer Electronics

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Here’s your answer.

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Waiting (patiently) for Brazil :brazil: :slight_smile:

As a Brazilian, the laptops are very expensive here and we tend to pay for the nearest maintenance store instead of any type of official support, so I think the repairability and the premium style of the basic Framework laptops would make a lot of success here.

Speaking for myself, only the gamer segment here have laptops with variety of setups while “normal” laptops usually come with limited and very strange setups (like a hdd in the most expensive i7 available while the intel celeron one has a ssd) which makes very difficult to find the ideal laptop if I cannot upgrade the pieces myself.

About the regulations, I dont know them a lot but I can only guess its something as hard as India…


I’d say Brazil is slightly easier to import to than India, looking at the mid-2022 mark or end of 2022 as India probably will be one of the last large countries to be imported to. Brazil has over 35% import tax for computers and in some cases 65% tax plus a fair amount of shipping due to all of the customs regulations.

Just wondering when this may be available for purchase in the UK? Right now it seems to only be available in America.

Is there any service I could use to buy a Framework laptop in the US and get it shipped to me in the UK?


Framework itself stated that this year, 2021, EU sales will launch. Delivery between the UK and the EU is much cheaper than if you’d import it across the Atlantic. I’d suggest you to wait.

Also, they could launch the UK and EU market simultaneously, that’d be lucky for you :smiley:

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There are certainly services that you can research that allow you to get mail forwarded internationally

I live in the US so I can’t speak to any of them myself or to the cost of doing so but theoretically it’s possible

Not sure if Framework would ship to that address though-if the package is lost or stolen it becomes a question of liability you see

Framework won’t want to refund you because the forwarding service lost your package I suspect

@motz the better answer has arrived

Hi I recently saw the framework computer from ifixit and linustechtips, bth my macbook is real old and I am a righttorepair supporter, unfortunatly I am in hong kong and… it does not ship here, framework please add international shipping soon! also add UK keyboard and white bezel pls

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@nrp Can you merge this?

which countries? does it have hong kong, I need it in 1 and a half years, its what I think my macbook could do before its broke

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Still thinking how to get this laptop to Indonesia.
Hope there will be a way.

I am very frustrated with other brand repairability.

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You can try buyandship or other shipping services, but there is no warranty.
P.S I ordered one on batch 4 and is going to use buyandship’s service.

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The good news is now you can use https://titipbeliin.com/. Unfortunately, the tax for imports in Indonesia is exceptionally high. 7.5% tax + 10% PPN + 10% PPH.

@11122 batchandship is quite nice!

Hi there, just curious if there’s any plans for shipping to New Zealand? I’ve been thinking about upgrading my laptop to a Framework one and was wondering what the plans were for New Zealand customers. I understand that there may not be any concrete dates, but was wondering if there were any ballpark estimates of when I could get one? Thanks for reading and best of luck with the business.

Early 2022 for Australia.


@Josh_Cook Cool! Where did you hear that?

Private messaging with Nirav.


I am very impressed by the modular concept of framework!

Could you give me a rough estimate when orders to Switzerland will be possible?
(I could also imagine processing the order through a US shipping company.)

Are there any plans to produce a Swiss German Keyboard in the near future? If no, can you tell me when the blank keyboards will be available? (It wouldn’t be a problem to print it myself)

Thank you for your information. Patricia