What do the charging LED colors mean?

I’ve been trying to figure out what the various LEDs on the laptop mean. I understand the light around the square power button means, well, “power on”, and that it fades in and out on suspend. So I guess I’m good on that. (I read somewhere it’s possible to control the actual color of that LED, but it doesn’t change color to signal state by default, does it?)

The two LED on both sides are more of a mystery to me. Right now my laptop is plugged in and charging (well technically it’s discharging because it’s eating more power than the PD can chew; I’m compiling a kernel…), and the light is … amber? If I unplug the power, it turns off. I’ve also seen the light “white”… and I suspect it can turn any color I like.

I found the Simple power led color changing script but that requires the ectool stuff that I haven’t figured out how to use it, and it’s unclear how to use it.

So; what’s the deal here? Is there documentation on what those LEDs show somewhere? I have found this documentation on the ectool stuff but it doesn’t say what the default colors are…


Red > charging or accepting power
White > fully charged to the limit set in the bios
Off > unplugged from live supply

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