What does the SW1 button inside do?

Is there ordinary docs somewhere I can read? Entering “sw1” in the faq search turned up nothing, and I don’t want to email support for every random question I have like this.

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It’s actually an extra power button both for debugging without the Input Cover on and for being able to use the Mainboard standalone without an Input Cover.


Thanks much.

Thanks much again since the site says I must post at least 20 characters, so I can’t just say thanks, and I don’t want to just use the heart button I want to say thanks dammit, so here we are with this whole paragraph of wasted time because that’s clearly better than just letting people communicate naturally.


“Thank you very much!” would have been enough without using a passive aggressive tone :wink:

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One additional feature of the internal power button is if you hold it down for about 20 seconds it will trigger a battery cutoff to put the battery back into ship mode.


But I didn’t want to cooperate with something I disaproved of. :wink: