What games are people playing on their FW16?

What Games are people playing on their FW16?
Please include your configuration and OS, etc.

Just got my FW16 this morning so I haven’t played anything yet (ran some benchmarks though). I’m going to be playing Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) here soon.

Currently running Windows 10, Ryzen 7 7840HS, and the RX 7700S. I’ve also got 32 GB of RAM and 1 TB Samsung 990 Pro.

I play sudo pacman -Syyu


I have the lower CPU spec and no GPU so I play mostly old games that I want to burn through like Lego Star Wars games, but I also do Wii, WiiU, and PS2 Emulation an it works great. Oh, and Factorio


Funnily enough old games mainly from the 90s and early 2000s that I used to play as a kid :laughing:

Command and conquer remastered collection
Red alert 2
Populous the beginning

I fully intend on playing some more graphically challenging games at some point in the near future. I bought the FW16 mainly for running CAD software and my CNC lathe control software.

I might emulate a few older console games too.

1TB WD 2280
64GB ram
Windows 10

btw :wink:


I play minecraft, factorio, and sometimes overwatch. 7940HS. integrated graphics. 32GB ram. 2TB nvme. NixOS

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I’ve been poking at a bunch of single player games of various antiquities, generally surveying the backlog to see how it goes.

The first Dragon’s Dogma, FFXV, various Zachtronics games, Divinity: Original Sin, Death Must Die, No Man’s Sky. Ran Enshrouded and Starfield a little.

haven’t gotten around to emulators yet. Wouldn’t mind finishing off Riven or The Outer Wilds on this machine… started playing those years ago.

So far, I’ve come across one game that won’t run under Wine, Void Scrappers. I believe it’s got a native Linux build though.

Starfield runs decently at low settings. I got in the 40s+ of FPS at native resolution in New Atlantis. Enshrouded runs on low-medium settings around 30 FPS at native res in Performance Mode. You can get more frames with more visual sacrifices. FFXV runs great if you don’t turn on the Nvidia stuff and textures and consume > 100% VRAM (don’t know what was going on there…). The rest of everything I’ve tried runs great under Proton or a derivative Wine build, though, I don’t tend towards Denuvo and anti-cheat games.

I’m on Gentoo, running Steam in Flatpak or GOG Galaxy in Bottles in Flatpak. Pro tip, Gentoo’s steam-devices package is named games-util/games-device-udev-rules (it’s in the wiki but I didn’t read that before getting into an argument with my gamepad). Got the 7840HS and the 7700S, 64 GB of RAM.

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Horizon Forbidden West, Pacific Drive, Deep Rock Galactic, for now.

The performance bump between the Ryzen 9 Framework 16 with the 7700s is miles ahead of my now aging Ryzen 2700x desktop with a GTX 1070ti

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Haven’t quite had the time to do much beyond testing in various games, but I’ve got Hades, Baldur’s Gate 3, Minecraft and more installed. Most (not bg3) of which run really well on the igpu (got minecraft to generally lock 165fps at native resolution, 24 chunks with sodium installed to boost performance).

I’m looking forward to trying other games too, generally in the lighter side until I choose to get a dGPU.

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I’ve been doing some comparison between all 3 systems: Razer Blade Pro with i7 7700H with a GTX 1060, my desktop i7 6850K with a GTX 1080, and my new FW16 Ryzen 7 7840H with 7700S. I’ve noticed the 7700S seems to perform below my GTX 1080, however I’ve only benchmarked FFXIV Dawntrail so far.

I’d think it probably perform roughly on par with a GTX 1070 Ti. Then again I need to run more benchmarks to get a more comprehensive comparison.

I can’t say for other games but Horizon Forbidden West runs MUCH smoother on my Framework than on my desktop.

Play almost daily:
-Helldivers 2 - gotta spread that Freedom and Democracy with a cup of Li-ber-TEA!
-The Division 2 - coop with friends.
-Genshin Impact - Addicted

Others I play on occasion:
-Minecraft - with the kids
-Descent 1,2,3 - always my favorite games. I install them on everything I own.
-Starfield - well, got it with the laptop. Story has some undesirable elements so I have not bothered finishing it yet.
-Star Citizen - to check lack of progress once a month…so sad.
-Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4 - TV show got me motivated to play these.

Pretty much what I have installed and play on my Framework at the moment.

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I only have the 7840HS and no dGPU but Deep Rock Galactic works well enough, haven’t tried any other games yet

Played quite a bit of Hell Divers 2 both on an eGPU with a 3080ti and the dGPU 7700s. I get 80-90 fps on the dGPU in balanced power mode. I mostly play attached to the eGPU and have Sunshine setup to play remote in my network from my Logitech G Cloud. Windows 11 on the FW16

Im mostly buying this laptop to play Factorio on the go, and potentially replace my desktop with if they come out with an oculink connection for an eGPU, would love that so much

Ryzen 9 with GPU win 11

So far:

Ghost Recon Wildlands - runs great at high if a little noisy with fans

Captain of Industry - fairly early on progress wise but again runs great

I didn’t have time for any lengthy game session, but Death Stranding or God Of War look amazing, though the laptop fans are getting super busy and therefore noisy, headphones are a must.

7940HS with dPGU, 64 GB, on NixOS.

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Fallout 3 and Helldivers (first one) on Fedora. MW3 on Windows.

I only dabble though. Not long gaming sessions or anything. Most of my compute time is done on my work-issued laptop. Leisure is done mostly on my Galaxy Tab S8+ and Nvidia Shield TV.

I’ve lost interest in high-end computers/laptops being burnt out adulting. I find myself spending my free time on passive activities like TV, movies, and YouTube.

I’m wondering if a Steam Deck would get me to play more games being a lazy ass and all, lol.

I got the 7840hs version with 32gb RAM without dedicated GPU running Windows 11. With the AMD software I generally have limited FPS to 60 for “dynamic scenes“ and 30 fps otherwise.
Cyberpunk on medium settings runs between 25-30 fps.
Oxygen Not Included was fine, a long time even without fans spinning audible.
The Planet Crafter also was very well playable.
Overall I am very happy with the performance. It is definitely better than what I expected without dedicated GPU.