Are the keyboard deflection issues mentioned in early emails considered fixed in later batches?

In update #7 on the Framework Laptop 16, it was mentioned that work was ongoing on reducing keyboard deflection, and that there was already a possible solution. Since I have not received further communication on this and my model does not seem to ship with this solution, I wanted to ask if this problem was resolved, in what manner, and starting at what batch. I ask in particular because my keyboard module has noticeable deflection. I of course am not able to measure if it exceeds the 0.6mm target set in that email, or if my fingers exert more than 400g of force. My laptop was in batch nine, I believe. If the issue still affects batch nine, what can I do to improve the situation? How can I determine if my unit has this problem without a measuring laser and calibrated weights?

Yes, there are some rubber pads present.

My unit doesn’t have any rubber pads. What can I do?

iirc framework should send you the kit in such a case