What's my options to buy the Framework right now in Sweden?

Framework has said repeatedly that they will only launch in countries when they can offer the best experience for all the customers in that region. That means they want support and documentation in the local language, keyboards in all the locally used layouts, hardware delivery from a decently local warehouse, and most importantly legal allowance to sell in the country. All of those things are worked on concurrently, but all can be unexpectedly delayed. While I cannot confirm that Framework isn’t intentionally trying to create a monopoly, that really doesn’t seem like a goal based on… their entire ethos and the actions they’ve taken so far as a company? Either way, the only thing I can tell you is that Framework is not full of idiots, and they’ve made the decisions they have about rollouts. If you’d like to complain about those decisions, then sending a message directly to support is the best way to have your concerns heard by a staff member at the company. Here on the forum you’ll just be complaining to other users.

I must be missing something. How is not easily obtaining a Framework laptop through their store stopping anyone from producing open hardware to compete with Framework? Is the idea that people would be able to unlock Framework’s secrets to success if only they could get their hands on a laptop? Framework has published tons of useful information if anyone wants to create a similar laptop & follow their lead. Is it that people would reverse engineer the Framework laptop and create clones that would somehow seriously compete with Framework if only they had one? Reverse engineering takes a lot of time and effort. And Framework actually just supplies the schematics to repair shops. That’s an easier route. Get an LLC (which you’ll need anyway if you’re going to create a business to compete with them), create some basic online storefront purporting to repair Framework laptops & apply to get the schematics. If you really want to clone the exact PCB layout and need a board or even whole laptop, then they are available on the secondary market. You could also find someone willing to buy a new Framework for their own personal use but sell it to you in the very unlikely event they suddenly don’t need it anymore.

Seriously competing with Framework would take significant effort. Obtaining a Framework laptop even if you’re in a country they don’t officially ship to is just nothing by comparison. I just don’t see a swarm in waiting, ready to flood the market with open hardware to compete with Framework, if only it was point & click easy to get a Framework laptop for them.


I don’t think you are missing anything, Martynas may have been making a sarcastic joke ?

I’m tired of the same reason of “country too small”, “country this”, “country that”. I tried to provide something different. Even if it isn’t backed by anything.

I’m tired of people saying “sweden is too small”, “this country is too small” and so on.
Then I destroyed the argument by saying that sweden is similar in human quantity to another supported country but they found one more rationalization of status quo.
This argument about language wasn’t the case in the past but now somehow it is. So it’s a bogus and unproductive discussion. It almost seems like propaganda from russia where you prove them wrong and they find one more reason to believe it. Like a hydra that keeps on giving.

Why not write anything or write that you have no clue and you won’t have any clue until you’ll see another blog post from official sources. It’s hard to not write.

There probably is an order of preference as to where the product is released for maximum returns.

Local English speaking countries, (US, Canada)

EU Countries with English or high population (UK, Germany, France)

Spanish would seem next.

Taiwan as it’s made there and Australia as an important ally and Japan maybe

Other EU countries, by stage

Each country has their own import rules and can have different warranty demands.

Then there’s the ‘workshop | store’ location

One in Taiwan, One is US, One in Germany

Weigh logistics and support for income returns ~ Some some countries will be way down on the list . .

This thread has run its course. Framework has nothing to announce regarding shipping to Sweden yet, and they will let you know when they do.

The question has been answered and this thread is getting unproductive.