What's the on-board speaker connector?

I attempted speaker replacement and the pins inside the connector broke, now I don’t have any audio. Unhelpfully the connector is soldered to the motherboard not the audio board so I have to solder it or buy a whole motherboard.

Does anyone know what type of connector is this (part number specifically ?

Framework-Laptop-13/Mainboard at main · FrameworkComputer/Framework-Laptop-13 · GitHub

Hefeng AWA02-S04FIA-HF connector for the Speakers. Note that there are many other footprint compatible 4-pin connectors that are likely compatible. This kind of connector is also known as “JST SH”, and has a 1.0 mm pitch.

It’s soldered on the mainboard because the Audio DAC is located there. The audio daughter board is really just for easy replacement of the headphone jack if you break it. It also holds the lid sensor.


Thanks for the help. Just got the SH-1-0-4-Pin- Micro JST connector in the mail today and successfully re-soldered it, now I can blast Crab Rave really loudly on the 80dB speakers.