Where is the power brick's serial number?

The USB-C power cable that came with my power brick has just had its rubber coating split just past the strain relief on the straight connector. I’ve emailed Framework support about the issue to try and get a warranty claim, and they have responded to ask for the serial number on the power brick so they can investigate. However, the text on the power brick is very small and there’s a lot of it, so I haven’t been able to discern where the serial number is.

The QR code on the brick took me to this link, which leads to a missing page, so I’ve had no luck on finding the SN. Does anybody know where it is?

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maybe use a cell phone camera to view the text magnified?


The power brick seems to have multiple (in-house) serial numbers depending on country, if you find anything matching these you have the right serial number on your hand!

When scanning the QR code, you should be redirected to your country’s (where you bought the laptop from) site.

(It’s at the back after ‘v=’, in this case FRANCEPH0B)

Thanks! I am able to read the text, I was just unsure which number was the SN. Mine appears to be a FRANBCPH01 adapter. The QR code definitely takes me to that invalid link, I scanned it three times.

The serial number, on mine, is to the left of the “Made in China” label.

It’s part of the URL text.

The QR code also gives me the same URL text…which contains the serial number of the brick.

Your link in the OP is:

So SN is the full text of “FRANBCPHA1136401RS” I believe.

…and that’s different from mine (which makes sense for a serial number.

My brick’s model number is also “FRANBCPH01”. And has an FCC entry (which makes sense): https://fccid.io/RR-PHP-FRANBCPH01

This helpful. I have been working with support for over 2 weeks and have not been told where to look. I have tried 2 cameras. The issue has occurred on three 13" laptops I purchased for a group. Did support agree it was under warranty?

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Yep! I got a brand new power adapter! This one I’ve been much nicer to and it is still in perfect condition.