Which standard AC cable should I use to use the original Power Adapter of the framework laptop in China?

Originally, I didn’t plan to order the original Framework power adapter, but after looking on the shopping site, I found that there is no suitable power adapter that can be grounded. Therefore, I just ordered the original power adapter.
Now, a new question: In China (China’s voltage standard is 220V), I cannot use the AC cable from the original power cord because it is the US/Canada standard. What standard AC cable should I bring?

The power adapter AC cable on the official website is like this (it may only support the US/Canada 110V standard):

The AC cables I can buy are like this:

The voltage range it supports is: 10A 250V~+ 2.5A 250V~
I wonder if it can be used as a power adapter AC cable for a Framework laptop?


The image you have shown should work.

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I’m buying a USB brick from either Asus or Lenovo locally as it is grounded and is made for my location. They are either 65W or 100W and it makes much more sense than buying the Framework charger for me at my location in Asia.

Might be worth considering?

Thanks @Josh_Cook and @5uie1, like @Josh_Cook said, I think the AC cable in the picture above should work, I just replaced the AC cable of the original power adapter to match the local voltage standard, I think this is No problem, thank you.
Now the Framework laptop I ordered has arrived in Beijing. According to China’s COVID-19 prevention and control measures, the inbound package is still in the FedEx facility. It needs to sit for seven days before it can be delivered to me. After receiving it, I will first test the power adapter question, thanks again.

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Framwork sell the power adapter in Europe which is also 220V.
So the chances are it is a multi-voltage power supply. The specifications should be written on the power supply.