Why can´t i get an invoice?

Maybe forwarding the email containing the ‘invoice’ rather than you extracting it from the communication will satisfy the accountant’s reluctance to accept it as ‘genuine’ and then can sign off on it.

They do get paid to assess what is true and accurate. ??

What constitues ‘an invoice’ ?

This is most likely about VAT refund, that’s what a proper invoice is needed for. In Germany, for deducting as a business expense proof of payment together with a list of items (order confirmation) is enough. VAT refund is currently very unlikely, although there are reports that the couriers may provide a copy of the tax declaration as they’re the ones paying the VAT to the authorities. See the thread I linked above for more details.

So basically the only way for businesses is either to waive VAT refund or order from the US store via freight forwarding and get a proper import VAT notice when doing the import under own responsibility.

It’s really a shame Framework still hasn’t figured this out yet to offer VAT exempt orders for businesses (save issuing proper invoices).

Yes I’m still at a loss. Does an invoice showing VAT have to be on paper, I wouldn’t have thought so, so what is wrong with an email stating the facts. I’ll ask around [UK]