Why do the laptop and screwdriver contain BPA?

As mentioned in the headline, the website or Marketplace states that the laptop and screwdriver contain bisphenol A (BPA), which is indeed toxic and has been tried for many years to remove from as many products as possible. Why is it included? Is it not possible to find some alternative? I mean, I don’t plan on eating the screwdriver, but BPA has been proven to be toxic to skin contact as well and since that logically applies to all living things as well, very harmful to the environment.


The Wikipedia section you provided doesn’t talk about skin contact toxicity. Searching for “skin” finds a description of it as a “minor irritant”.

From a brief search I found this study (occupational exposure in BPA-exposed factories) and this study (occupational exposure to thermal receipts, n=17). Personally, neither of these make me concerned about using the screwdriver.

California OEHHA found that after 24 hours of skin contact with BPA-containing safety goggles, the upper-end exposure was < 0.02% of the level of BPA exposure that corresponds to “no observed effect”.

AFAIK there is little evidence indicating need for concern about skin contact with everyday products containing BPA. If you’re really concerned, you could wrap some tape around your screwdriver.


ironically, this could be applied to your response as well

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you are 100% correct. I appoligize.