Why not make a mac mini version

I love yours concept and it makes sense in the computer world that you should be able to upgrade your things without buying a completely new system…
You could probably make some kind of Mac mini with your laptop parts, why haven’t you tried it yet?

Welcome to the Framework community. Coolermaster has partnered with Framework created a case that can be used with the framework desktop to make a mini-pc

There’s also 3d printed versions.


yes, I saw that with Linus’ video, but I think you should think more about cabinet design and fan noise, aluminum is beautiful as a mat and design sells, a hidden plastic cabinet does not sell in the long term… you must remember if you buy a laptop from you, and want to upgrade the laptop and use the old one as a desktop, then it must look nice :wink: and provide some port options

There would be two problems here:

  1. The dimensions of a laptop dictate the motherboard shape and that doesn’t lend itself well to a mini PC.
  2. The mini PC space is being flooded with options from Minisforum, Beelink, Intel, Asus etc.

Edit: On a side note Ayaneo make handheld PC with much smaller motherboards and they are planning an external ‘desktop’ enclosure so I think Framework has shown the market the way. You can read about it about 2/3 of the way down this page.

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There are also a lot of pretty modular mini pcs.

Since you can’t really get the schematics to the framework mainboard as an individual, the repair-ability on those is often relatively similar to a framework.