Wi-Fi Stopped Accessing Network

My wifi stopped accessing the network last night. I did some digging around to try to troubleshoot and the only potentially useful information I’ve found came from running “nmcli d” which partially resulted in “p2p-dev-wlp170s0 wifi-p2p disconnected”. Other relevant information might be that it stopped working as I was setting up a plex media server. So hopefully I didn’t inadvertently change some settings or files that messed with the wifi. The fan was also running pretty heavily towards the end of setting up the server so hopefully I didn’t overheat something. The only other thing I can think to try is checking the physical connection of the wifi card. Any ideas of how I can get my wifi accessing the network again? I’m running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS by the way.

Two possible ideas: Plex added some kind of firewall, or messed up an existing firewall’s settings. The p2p messages smell like Plex was trying to add or use a wifi-direct or miracast connection to me, which might have messed up the binary blob firmware’s ability to also maintain a client connection to your wireless AP.

What are the outputs of the following commands:

0. sudo dmesg | grep -i wl
1. lspci 
2. lsmod
3. ip addr show
4. ip route
5. nmcli c show
6. which ufw
7. ping -c 10

They’re going to be long, links to pastebin might be smarter than cluttering up this thread.

Hey @D.H ! Thanks for the help! I’ll try running all these and see what it outputs. Do you have suggestions on the best way to share the output without a connection on my computer.

Can you use your phone for wired tethering?

If not, I would save everything up as a .txt file, and either Bluetooth or USB transfer it to a phone or other computer with Internet access. Use second device to get the stuff up to pastebin…

I’ll probably have to go for the second option. I’ll try to run those commands and got them on here ASAP.

Okay, here it is @D.H . I haven’t used pastebin before, so hopefully it works properly. If not, let me know and I’ll take another shot at it.


@Sam_Lane Okay I need more info than “stopped accessing the network”, as that problem statement does not match what I am seeing in your pastebin. You’ve clearly got a wifi card, the right kernel modules seem to be loaded to my eye, and you can ping out to the general internet.

What exactly is not working?

Hey @D.H , yeah that’s the weird thing. It always seems to be connected to the wifi network. But anytime I try to load a website, it just sits there trying to load then says the server cannot be reached. I’ve attached an image of the error here.

Its smelling like a dns resolution issue possibly.

First thing I would do is disable IPv6.

Load this in your web browser address bar:
, what do you get?

Next, what are the outputs of
ping -c5 google.com

Disabling IPv6 fixed it! Thank you so much! I’m not super familiar with IPv6 versus IPv4. Is there advantage to it that I should worry about with it being disabled? I also noticed that “nmcli d” still indicates that p2p-dev-wlp170s0 wifi-p2p is disconnected. Is that anything to be concerned about?

IPv6 is going the way of “fusion energy”… It’s 10 years away from being production ready, and always will be lol. (joking, of course)

That p2p connection relates to wifi-direct connections (probably miracast or other wireless display). I would remember that that exists and is disabled if you ever want to use said features, but I would not specifically worry about it until/unless it presents an actual problem.


Okay good to know! Thanks again for all your help!