Wifi speed plummets when Thunderbolt monitor connected

Hello, I have a Wimaxit portable monitor that runs off a single Thunderbolt connection for the video signal, touch and power to the monitor, which is very handy. Unfortunately, when I plug it in, my wifi speed drops to 10-100kbps and only works intermittently. Does anyone have any idea why this might occur?

I’m using a DIY edition with the i5-1240P, Windows 11 and the driver bundle (07/26/22) is installed. The network where I’m staying right now is 802.11n at 300Mbps.

Are you plugging both into the same side of the framework laptop? My understand is that each side is a dedicated 40gb lane. To just rule out the monitor hogging all the bandwidth it can make sure to try it using both sides of the laptop. (IE: wifi on one side, monitor plugged in on the other) This shouldn’t be necessary given the possible bandwidth but who knows how your devices are negotiating for that bandwidth.

It would certainly be useful to see what kernel messages appear when you have this issue.

Can you let dmeg -w run with sudo/root and upload this log so that we can take a look if it’s kernel related?

Hi 2disbetter, I’ve tried plugging the monitor into all 4 Thunderbolt ports with the same result. I’m using the Framework’s internal wifi adapter, and I don’t know which lane it uses. (I did plug the wireless card in myself, but I don’t have that deep an understanding of the hardware :slight_smile: )

Hi Anachron, I don’t have Linux installed, only Windows 11.