Will there be EN and blank ISO keyboards?

I see there is no:

  • “blank” ISO keyboard (while there is “clear” ) Edit: found one on US site.
  • "ISO English International

in the marketplace announced.

Will they be available?

P.S. I was asking for layout files with no luck here: Physical keyboard layout files with symbols, etc
But I will try to create them manually by taking photos of exiting layout or combining available photos and adding my specific language/layout keys.

There is a black blank keyboard shown.

That is ANSI, but I actually just found a blank ISO one on US site. The question on ISO (US) English layout remains though.

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the blank/black ISO keyboards have been announced as coming soon since I bought my laptop in September 2021.
This was part of the reasons for me, to buy the laptop in the first place.
My last request to frame.work I was told that there was no plans to make a blank ISO-keyboard. So there is a clear lack of communication, between marketing and the business part of frame.work.
This should be an easy job to do. there is ISO-layout keyboards on the market place and you can make blanks.
So what is the problem?

It shows one two posts above yours ???

Ah yeah, the blank/black ISO keyboard is currently not available in the marketplace.

@Henrik_Runge when was your last contact with Framework about this?

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That was Mon, Jan 9, 2023.
I think the wording was: “Unfortunately, we do not have a specific timeframe for when will the blank/clear ISO keyboard kits be available”
Very disapointing. Since, apart from this and the terrible track-pad, it is an excellent laptop by any standard.
And I also love the idea about repairability and reuse.
But that depends on the promised parts being available in a reasonable timeframe.

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I can see the blank ISO is on sale in the marketplace, so it seems like things are moving in the right direction regarding this :smiley: