Windows 10 on a Framework 16?

Heyhey everyone, I recently preordered my Framework 16 laptop DIY edition, and I was wondering if it will support Windows 10, I do have a fresh Windows 10 install drive that was gifted to me from a friend who used to work in IT, and was wondering if it’s possible to install Windows 10 on it.

I get that it’s getting close to it’s EOL, but… I’m not a big fan of 11, from the pre-installed bloatware to just… minor irritations on it that’s basically “Death by a thousand cuts” of annoyance for me.

Anywho, thanks for reading this, and I appreciate those who took (or, will take) the time to reply.

Thank you, everyone!

Yes but there will be no driver support and many drivers won’t work.

So I guess I’m gonna have to bend over and take Windows 11 up the usb then… uuuuuuugh. -_-

I’ve seen people say that you can make win 11 almost just like win 10. If I recall, there are utilities to do it automatically.

Which bloatware? To me Windows 11 feels less bloaty than 10 as the start menu looks cleaner and has less ads and crap like Cortana is less prominent (and will be removed completely with an update). Other stuff like tabs in the Explorer is also a much needed improvement.

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There are still more points why i also would prefer WIN10.

In WIN11:

  • The Spacing between items in explorer are bigger resulting in less items viewable

  • The new Options menu in right click of the mouse hides basically everything except the basic functions thus creates one more click for me

  • The bloatware like candy crush is still installed, maybe less obvious

  • so far i haven’t heard any other new news about the problem that win11 is sometimes still slower for gaming than win10 (that point probably changed but i couldn’t find any data)

One positive point was a script from a YouTuber, having a automatic PS- script which basically strips anything unnecessary from windows. Couldnt find it on my phone.

Nearly all of the issues with Windows 11 can be reverted with PS-scripts which use registry settings to revert those values back.

I don’t recommend running .exe programs to do these things though,- you have no idea what they’re doing. With PS-Scripts you can at least read them yourself before executing.


To be honest, the primary reason I opted for a FW16 laptop is to run Linux on it.
But - as I lately added the GPU board to it, and intend to use 2 NVMe SSD’s, I’ll make a dual-boot setup. But to be honest, depending on how “bloatwared” windows becomes (I am literally allergic to commercials of any kind), I might just run a dedicated Steam-OS release on it (even if I have to patch it to get it to run).

Why not install Steam on Linux? No need to dual-boot then. Or do it as I do: Use the seperate ssd to install flatpaks on it and attach it only when needed (gaming, heavy programs like raw image editing, etc).

Better integration and directly booting into Steam without having to use a keyboard/mouse. I like using

I tend to strictly separate my work env from my gaming environments. Makes it easier to recreate the gaming side as I don’t touch the other sides. I can also test different distros like that and decide which one to use in the long run.

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Fair enough, thanks for both of your replies.

I tend to strictly separate my work env from my gaming environments.

As I said, using a seperate SDD for flatpak does completely seperate my env from gaming … or did I misunderstand something?

Do you mean test different distros for your working setup or the gaming one?
For my setup you don’t need a whole new OS and update it and can choose whatever you want as your main one.

Have a great one!

Test different distros on my gaming env. Work env. is stable for years on KDE Neon which gives the best plasma experience IMHO.

I installed Arch as a learning experience, not as an OS to use. Through the install process, I learned how to make my OS exactly how I wanted it, and immediately made it my main driver. If you’ve been distro hopping for a while, not completely satisfied with any distro, and you’re willing to get a little dirty, I’d recommend giving it a shot.

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I am nowhere near as technically savvy as to dive into Linux. I’ve already been ripping my hair out trying to navigate the horrendous UI that is Zbrush

I do appreciate the feedback though. If I can get those scripts to make windows 11 as 10-ish as possible, that would make my day. Provided once I get my laptop preorder

I am heavily using Manjaro as my work env but for gaming i still drive a stock WIN10 - just because everything works out of the box flawlessly.

Linux gaming got better the last few years (thank god). How often do you guys need to tweak or accept less optimal performance for the sake of gaming on Linux?

Never but I roll with Proton Experimental - Bleeding Edge branch so that might be it?

Like you I have a Win 10 system for that. I doubt however that I can keep it on the FW16 :frowning: and it will be very difficult for me to use any kind of Win 11.

To answer the OP, I think Windows 10 will work just fine on the Framework 16. There’s driver support for their RX 7000 series GPU (and even the mobile version), as well as their Ryzen 7000 mobile APU.

I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be Win 10 drivers for the other components such as audio and WIFI. Even if it’s labeled for Win 11, but not 10, it should still work with 10.

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It’s about the same tbh, W10 is a big easier to cull the bloat tbh.