Windows 10 on a Framework 16?

I thought it was mostly the same. Right-click and uninstall or use powershell.

So, there’s a trick where you install Win 11 as English World region and it won’t install any crap ware. Then you can switch back to English US after installation.


I was gonna say, windows 11 is pretty much identical to windows 10 when it comes to the backend. Half of the changes (maybe more) were entirely visual tbh. Part of the reason I donlt like it, but that does mean windows 10 support for everything is still pretty much fine.

When I get mine, I plan on trying windows 10 first (dual booted with fedora, of course. Only really need windows for gaming tbh). If it doesn’t work, I suppose I’ll bite the bullet and “upgrade” to windows 11… but I don’t think that’ll be necessary.

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Yep. Started off a revised UI for a later version of Windows 10. Then sales and marketing got involved. :laughing:

Huh, I’m going to also dual boot Fedora. Are you getting 2 NVME drives? Or install both on one?

Yep, plan on getting 2 drives. Don’t want to have to deal with all the drive partitioning and stuff you need for dual boot on one drive when there’s a second slot anyway. Plus, never hurts to have a little extra storage.

I intend to remove/not install the Linux drive when installing Windows. This way their crippled installer can’t touch the Linux side.
I then install Linux which detects Windows and adds it to grub.
I always partition my drives to have the /boot/efi, /home on separate partitions. This way an upgrade and/or change of distribution + formatting the / partition is not an issue for the user data.

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Not a bad idea… I might just do the same actually. Make sure the linux drive (which I plan on using more frequently) is fresh when I install it.

have you had any experience with this? From my knowledge, windows 10 and 11 are in these days the same systems. If you have 21H2, then you should have exactly the same feature set no matter whether you have 10 or 11.
On my 2nd laptop, I have Windows 2021 IoT Enterprise LTSC and no driver issues were present despite the laptop being 11 years old and having touch screen with pen (it works).

Despite windows being quite horrendous, we have to appreciate for its driver support. I would not be afraid of installing Windows 10 on FW16. In the worst case, tools like SDI origin will get your drivers covered.

@samokosik People have previously had issues when trying to install Windows 11 drivers for the FW 13 on Windows 10. I just figured the same. Yes you could probably force the drivers to work, it’s unsupported and you’ll loose out on features (e.g Wifi 6E support iirc).

Honestly, if you’re going through the trouble of trying to force drivers to work, why not just use that effort to tweak how Windows 11 works for you to make it more like 10? You might not like how it visually works but at least things will work properly.

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Scheduler on Windows 11 is made for newer gen CPUs, Scheduler on Win 10 wont play nice with newer cpus.

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You can tweak it but you will never get nowhere near the LTSC levels. Unfortunately.

You really want to tweak an OS you pay for? I won’t go through the trouble. If I pay for something, it’s supposed to work. Especially stuff coming from Microsoft.

But that may be the reason I stopped using their software in the first place. It does not work. It forces me to to watch their enforced advertising even though I paid the premium price for the OS etc.

No thanks guys. But I’ll use Linux, I’ll try to get Windows 10 running on it, and if it does not run, SteamOS it will be and I’ll return the Windows license for a refund. Period.
So sick of market supremacy…

Zen 4 is generally fine. Win 10 has scheduling issues with the P and E core setups on Intel 12th/13th gen Intel.


I mean it does work, just that it doesn’t fit the preferences of some people. The tweaks I’m taking about is changing some settings in the settings menus or if you really want to change the appearance, 3rd party applications.

If you’re not happy using Windows and would rather use Linux, that’s fine but you can’t just then going around and bash it by saying “it doesn’t work”. I think if an OS “didn’t work”, a lot of businesses, institutions, and individuals wouldn’t be using it.

If Windows 10 is important enough, try it out at least. I’ve been running Windows 10 with Windows 11 drivers on my 13 for over a year, and I haven’t had any problems with drivers whatsoever. I may be lacking features I don’t use or performance, but if I am, I can’t tell the difference.

Can confirm that the Windows 11 drivers seem to work ok for Windows 11 on my shiny new Framework 16. YMMV
Next step, setup multi-boot

The Windows 11 drivers will probably continue to work on 10 as long as they are built for 10 and 11.
Drivers built using the latest dev kit, which targets them explicitly for 11, don’t always work on 10, there ARE differences under the hood.

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