Windows 10 on FW 16

Anyone running Windows 10 on their FW 16? Windows 11 has been notoriously buggy, so is Windows 10 a viable alternative?

Think this was asked the other day and there aren’t official W10 drivers?

What are your issues with W11? Been solid for me.

I haven’t received my FW16 yet but there should be Windows drivers that cover just about everything. I could see the fingerprint reader maybe being an issue but nothing else.

I’ve just seen (many) tech news reports about Windows 11 not working right with AMD CPUs and GPUs (amongst several other problems). If these have been fixed that’s great.

Nah, i have windows 11 on an amd cpu and its straight trash, almost as bad as windows me, it loves crashing for absolutely no reason, but supposedly its a very dependent problem, as in dependent on exact hardware and drivers etc, and their combos, but it doesnt seem like a real full root problem has been identified, just the usual windows sucking

Coming to you live from a FW16 on Windows 10. I mostly went this direction because I had a Windows 10 Pro key I could use, but I’ll say these first few hours haven’t been smooth. The Windows 11 driver pack stalled on GPU drivers, but went straight through after a hard reset (holding the power button). Let Windows update do its thing, but I still have a lot of missing drivers.
Missing drivers
Not sure how far I’m going to go to get this to work. Might just upgrade to dumb 11.

Update: Ok, scratch that. AMD Ryzen™ and Athlon™ Mobile (Chipset) Drivers & Support | AMD took care of all but one of them. The last one is apparently the Pluton processor: Unknown device ACPI\MSFT0200 in Windows 10 Pro - Framework Laptop 13 / DIY Edition - Framework Community So, yeah, I’d say this is probably going to work just fine.


Just an fyi, but a Win10 key will just work for Win11 in case you ever do decide to upgrade.


Meaning without first installing 10 and then upgrading? I was not aware. I knew 7 keys worked directly on 10, but I had never tried 10 keys on 11. I also didn’t have an actual key, just an activation that I knew I could transfer with the ol’ Microsoft account link method.

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All Windows 10 keys should work on Windows 11. Even the Microsoft Store lists upgrading from Windows Home to Pro as Windows 10/11.

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Until they pulled it last year, 7 and 8 keys worked on 11…