Windows 11 Hibernate not resuming

I am having an issue where ocassionally when I try to resume my lapotp after hibernating, it has closed all my software and I have to start a new session.

Can anyone recommend a solution to this issue? This happened to me on stage during a music performance on the weekend and really sucked…

I have attached an error that also occassionally pops up

Does this also happen when you remove the RivaTuner Statistics Server?

how do i do that?

It’s an application that is not installed by default, so you must have installed it in the first place.

Depending on how it was uninstalled, either through the default Windows Remove Programs or Features menu or using the uninstall-script that was shipped with the application.

Okay thanks I will give it a try. It is an intermittent problem so I’ll have to wait to see if it works