Windows 11 failing to resume from Standby or Hibernation

Has anyone else been having issues with suspending or hibernating Windows 11 on the Framework Laptop, and then upon resuming finding that the sessions is gone and you are starting as if you restarted the computer?

This isn’t happening all the time, but it seems to be happening with more frequency lately.

Anyone else on 11 noticing similar things?

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  • Is it happening on suspend or hibernate?
  • Don’t you suspend first, then go to hibernation based on the amount of battery life used?
  • Is this repeatable if you straight up hibernate?
  • Anything in the Event Viewer upon attempted resume?


If you suspend (in my case by just closing the lid) then yes this is what happens.


I haven’t checked yet, but I guess I should have!!

It is strange because it doesn’t do it all the time. Only occasionally. I’ll investigate the event logs and report back. I’m inclined to think this is a Windows issue. 10 did not do this.

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I bet it’s a connected USB device. but Event Viewer would tell you.

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