Windows 11 mouse focus issue

I recently received my Framework 16 DIY laptop, onto which I installed Windows 11 Pro along with a minimal set of my usual software, including the drivers and control panel for the 3D Connexion CadMouse Pro wireless mouse.

Initially, everything functioned without issue. However, not long after, I began encountering peculiar issues with mouse focus. When I try to select or switch to another open desktop application by clicking within the desktop, nothing is selectable. In other words, I’m unable to select or switch to another open application. Right-mouse click on desktop context menu does not work either. Oddly, the taskbar operates normally and is fully interactive. Presently, the only method to switch between open desktop applications is through alt-tab or win-tab. While this method does allow me to switch applications, once I navigate away from the application in focus, I’m unable to switch back or to another application without using alt or win-tab again.

The issue is persistent yet sporadic. There are times when the mouse functions correctly, but these are infrequent.

My system is up-to-date with the latest software, Windows updates, and 3D Connexion drivers.

I use the same mouse device with several other Windows 11 Pro systems and it works flawlessly.

I would be thankful for any advice.

I removed the 3D Connexion mouse and tested it on a Surface Pro 7+ and then on a Lenovo Yoga 720, both running Windows 11 Pro. The mouse works as expected with no focus issues.

I then connected a known good mouse to the USB-A port of the Frameworks 16. The focus issue began immediately.

Perhaps the USB-A module is bad?