Windows 11 Power Consumption

So with Windows bugging me constantly I ended up upgrading to Windows 11. I used it for a week before downgrading back to Windows 10 because I noticed much increased sleep power consumption on 11.
Since I am going to be quoting some power numbers here is the setup:
I have the i5-1135G7 model with 8GB of RAM. I used the latest BIOS and drivers installed for the respective OS (BIOS 3.07, Windows 10 driver bundle 12_16_21, Windows 11 Beta driver bundle 12_15_21). Unless noted otherwise I only use the Type-C adapters.

Prior to the upgrade I am used to the laptop reporting an average sleep power consumption of 250-350mW with only Type-C adapters installed. On Windows 11 (only Type-C adapters) it usually consumed 800-850mW during sleep. After downgrading back to Windows 10 I am back to getting numbers in the 250mW range.

Does anyone else have data they can share comparing the Framework laptop power consumption between Windows 10 and 11?
I hesitate to speculate too much farther. I spent a week with Windows 11 and got very consistent results. Before the upgrade and after the downgrade I get consistent results for Windows 10. I think whatever version of sleep (S3, Modern Standby, RTD3 I don’t know) Windows 11 uses is not working will for this hardware.

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Just to point out…the Windows 11 driver bundle from 2021 Dec 15 is “Alpha”… All these months, it’s still alpha.