Missing Windows power plans? edit: Found

Edit: power plans on Windows 10 located in the system tray → battery widget

Fresh install of Windows + Framework Drivers. I was under the impression that there should be 3 power plans to choose from? I only have the balanced plan as an option. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix to restore or add the missing plans?

My DIY with retail Windows only had Balanced. You can always make your own.

I was looking in the old control panel interface:
Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options

Maybe I should have been looking in the system tray/battery slider? That gives me better battery, better performance, and best performance as options.

@nrp can you confirm that the above plans I’m seeing in the system tray battery icon are what you were referencing in this quote?:

We have set three power profiles in Windows. You can choose “Best Battery Life” to limit TDP.

Yep, in Windows 10 the options are now in the slider when you click on the battery icon.

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Note that there’s a difference between the “Power Plans” which dictate screen, sleep, hibernate, and CPU limits:

…and the “Power Mode” or “Performance Power Slider” which controls the CPU power limits:

Confusingly, both work independently and both can affect performance of the system.


For some reason, I have lost all power profiles in the battery icon slider. All i get is an icon for battery saver now. I’ve reinstalled all drivers and updated the BIOS and Windows and I can’t seem to get my options back :(.

Did this first happen after installing the beta BIOS and drivers?

No, it was happening beforehand and I was seeing if the new bios fixed it.

Which build of Windows are you running on?

I’m currently running 19043.928, and although I can’t seem to download any new updates for it (as it keeps throwing a 0x800f0831 error) , I may have found the fix. In Control Panel → All Control Panel Items → Troubleshooting → Improve power usage , it seems to have found the missing profiles?

I should add, for a short time it was showing that the laptop was still charging when it wasn’t connected to power, but after a restart or two it fixed itself.

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Does anyone know if power plans work on Windows 11?

Does anyone know if power plans work on Windows 11?

Looks like they do!