Windows Server

Did anyone try getting Windows Server working on the laptop? I managed to get just about everything working but the touchpad.
Gestures and right click do not work. After several minutes of use the touchpad sometimes stops working as well.

The wireless drivers were not installed with the driver bundle, and I got that to work by pointing the device manager at the Windows directory of a drive that had Windows 11 installed on it. The PS/2 mouse does not pick up different drivers, and there are also no unknown devices listed in the device manager to try to find drivers for either, so I’m not sure how to try to manually find drivers for it.

What version of Windows Server?

@Dane_Hanrahan I’m currently testing the Windows Server 2022 evaluation.

I got the I2C HID devices to show up by updating the Serial IO I2C Host Controller items in Device Manager, but Windows Server does not appear to have the sys driver for the I2C touchpad.
One of the forums mentioned copying registry keys and the sys file from the other install, so I’ll try looking into that.