Touchpad NOT working - I2C HID Device Code 10 WIndows 11

Hi All seemingly having a never ending issue with my touchpad, something that I think is windows related but cannot seem to solve.

OS (Operating System) - Windows 11 Pro Version 10.0.22621
Framework 13 laptop 12th Gen

The Problem - Touchpad not working at all, no mouse movement, no gesture, absolutely nothing

Upon looking into the problem, I have found the following I2C device keeps getting an error:

The Error on I2C HID Device-
“This device cannot start. (Code 10)
A request for the HID descriptor failed.”

What I have tried so far:

Uninstalling drivers and reinstalling - No change
Complete Fresh install of windows and all drivers - No change
Replaced the touchpad - No Change
Tried multiple suggested fixes from google for the same error - No Change

Some success (but very limited) - The only thing that has given me some success is when I have disabled the I2C HID Devices, uninstalled them and then rebooted the machine, it then has worked on occasion for a few hours but then fails again and I am back to the start.

As I say this seems to be a driver issue on windows if I am not mistaken, but cannot find a long term fix

If anyone has experienced this issue and has any suggestions, it would be most appreciated.

Update 18/02/2024 - Looking more and more likeley to be a hardware issue, tried it on Fedora and Ubuntu btu still no luck. Looking at all connections again

Yeah, sorry it hasn’t been working for you. That’s such a bummer. I’d suggest you go through and verify everything is seated nice and securely. Here’s a replacement guide that should help.

You may want to start a conversation with support too. I’m guessing they’ll ask you to do a lot of the steps you’ve already done but they’ll probably want pictures of all the connections points to verify.