Windows updates

Anyone else having issues loading windows updates?

I am running Windows 11

You may need to be more specific than “having issues” – is there an error code or any other message? Does the update start and then fail/roll back/undo?

Failing to load getting this code (0x800f0922)

well, I shutoff bothe firewalls, I have a 2TB HD so not memory. Never had issues before. I do have Steam installed now but doubt that should cause these issues. Wil attempt the .net fix to see.

Hi there! There should not be any issues with the Windows updates on Win 11. You may try to go to System>Troubleshoot>Other Troubleshooters and click on the Run on Windows update.

It will try to fix whatever’s wrong with Windows Update.

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Thanks for the help. Ultimately, turning off firewalls , selecting the 3.5 Framework and shutting down several times and rebooting did the trick. Problem solved. Never had an issue with windows until now , and now it is working.

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Glad to know its all working now. Must be with the firewalls. Cheers!

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