Won't Sleep or Turn display off after inactivity - AMD

Just got in my Framework 13 with Ryzen 7 7040u. The device will not automatically turn off the display nor go to sleep after inactivity. Running Windows 11 Pro. Made sure fully up to date on patches, rebooted a few times, and still if I leave the laptop alone for an hour, it’ll still be on and active. This is on battery and while plugged in. Anyone else seen this?

Have you checked the Windows sleep settings?

Yeah they are set as below.

For the plugged in, you should reduce that time to sleep. Also, are you running any applications that could be preventing your laptop from sleeping?

Even with plugged in sleep set to 1 hour, the screen should still at least turn off. Nothing is running besides chrome. This is basically a fresh install with chrome installed. And I haven’t had chrome running when testing this.

does it go to sleep if you close the lid? Is this a DIY or Prebuilt? Have you tried contacting Framework support?

My guess is that this is a prebuilt. The mention of only “7040u”, nothing about Windows installation, drivers installation nor BIOS update.

He did mention it’s a Windows 11 installation and that he did update it through Windows update. There are no BIOS updates for the AMD boards at this moment. One thing I forgot to ask, did you install the Framework AMD driver bundle?

He mentioned running Windows 11, not the execution of the installation process.

You’re right. I was under the incorrect impression that beta 3.03 would be available soon after the “Linux Testing Held Up By BIOS Issue” saga…it’s been 10 days.

With the 5 7640U, it will turn off display after some inactivity, but not if I close the lid