Monitor stays dark after sleep Windows 11 after latest Win update


I recently encountered an issue with my laptop following a Windows update. After the laptop enters sleep mode, the monitor fails to reactivate upon pressing the power button. Consequently, I have to perform a full shutdown and restart to regain functionality. This problem emerged after the most recent Windows update.

My laptop is equipped with an AMD processor. Could this issue be related to a need for a graphics driver update? If so, could you please provide guidance on how to proceed with updating the driver? Any additional troubleshooting steps you could suggest would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!

Do you have any external monitors connected to the laptop when this happens?
If not, can you make sure your windows projection settings are set to PC screen only? (f9 or fn+f9) doubt this is it, but may as well check.

I haven’t had this problem, running windows 11 22631.2861 (can check build by going to settings> system> about> windows specifications), though I am running the latest drivers from AMD, the FW driver bundle is older, but should still work.

As far as drivers go, It’s just a download and run an exe, then restart to be safe.
Latest FW driver bundle

Latest AMD drivers (7840u) 23.12.1

May be worth checking that all windows system files are good, open up a command prompt as admin (windows key, type cmd, right click command prompt, run as administrator) and run sfc /scannow and press enter.

I have been having some issues, which seemed to start around the 12/14 Windows update and/or when I updated to the latest AMD drivers 23.12.1 at the same time.

Twice, when waking the laptop from hibernate, I had a black screen or screen with moving “noise” patterns, and then it seems the graphics drivers restarted and I was able to get to the lock screen and back to my desktop. The AMD bug-report software popped up and stated that it had detected an issue and asked me to fill out details and submit a report.

Also, now everytime I wake the laptop, the taskbar doesn’t work (hovering over an app icon briefly blips the open windows and then they disappear- if I click on an icon and hover over one of the windows, it shows it on the screen but when I click to select the window icon it doesn’t bring it to the front. I have tried restarting “explorer” in this state and that doesn’t fix the taskbar behavior even though the taskbar disappears and reopens. The only fix is to unplug my Thunderbolt 4 dock (symptoms happening on both a Dell WD22TB4, and a Lenovo DK2131 40B0 ) and replug it. Prior to these updates, wake from hibernate was generally stable and didn’t require unplugging and replugging the dock cable.

Yesterday I tried to revert back to the AMD 23.11 drivers but got an error message and then I re-installed the Framework latest drivers pack and I’m back on the Framework Driver Version and AMD Windows Driver Version 31.0.14080.3001

Today, the taskbar issue still remains upon wake from hibernate.

Trying to decide if I should try to remove the 12/14 Windows update or just suck it up and hope that another Windows or AMD driver update fixes it. It’s annoying to have to unplug and replug the dock cable every time I start using the laptop after hibernate, but at least Windows 11 remembers where all of the windows are and places them back on the correct screen (of 3 screens).