Would FWL13 with Ryzen 7040 support AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition

Would OEM Framework Windows 11 graphics drivers preclude the installation of AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition, or could I install AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition alongside OEM Framework graphics drivers?

I think the “OEM Graphics Drivers” on the Intel models are just the Intel graphics drivers, so I assume that for the AMD boards the OEM drivers will include Adrenaline, but you may want to reach out to support if you want an official answer.


By the way, for future users referencing this thread, I can now partially confirm behavior. While I ended up doing a fresh install, as I went from Windows 10 to Windows 11, once I installed the Framework Driver Bundle, I now have the AMD Adrenaline software on my computer, so it seems to be a part of the driver bundle.

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Hopefully, I can mess with AMD Adrenaline separately and maybe get AFMF working.

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