XMP Profile support for RAM

  1. Is it technically possible to add support for XMP for framework laptop?
  2. If so, are you planning for support in the future?
  3. Lastly, any ETA you can share? :slight_smile:

Hi, we’ve double checked and do not currently have XMP support. Since standard JEDEC timings now natively go to DDR4-3200, we recommend using those instead of XMP.

Thank you for your reply. Please consider XMP support for the future, as it can be beneficial to get lower latency RAM timings with XMP profile (even if both JEDEC spec and XMP profiles are running at the same 3200MT/s).

However, the gains in workload performance using slightly lower latency RAM isn’t that high, so I understand if this is a lower priority for you.


I’d also like to see XMP I think Corsair sells 3600mhz ram that would be bennifical for the system but would require XMP to work.

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Personally I think this would be pretty helpful since I already have ddr4-2400mt/s sodimm ram, but can be overclocked up to 3000mt/s with XMP profiles. It would be a nice performance boost to do so, and also allow me to use my ram for longer.


Supporting the AMD equivalent (since XMP is Intel’s term for memory overclocking profiles) whenever the AMD CPUs get released would help immensely with any AMD APUs, which benefit enormously from higher speed RAM.

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This issue could be addressed by enabling access to the BIOS memory timing settings page (which should already be there, just hidden, so the workload to re-enable it is trivial).

I have G.Skill modules that run at 3,200 MT/s but only if set to do so via XMP or manually. If I put them in the Framework laptop now, they’d likely be limited to 2,667 MT/s.

There’s always the way to modify the BIOS to unhide this page without the manufacturer’s co-operation, which is what a lot of people, myself included, have been doing with other laptops, but perhaps Framework could be different and let us access all the advanced settings without the hassle.

This is the one thing that has stopped me from ordering the Framework laptop so far.


I would also really like to see enabling access to BIOS memory timings / speed. As long as a proper warning is shown when the user enables this feature, it would be a VERY useful and MUCH appreciated feature to have.

I was very surprised to learn that the ability to tinker with memory speed/ timings was not included with the Framework Laptop’s current BIOS, given that this product is marketed based on its high degree of customizability and repairability. A large percentage of customers for this kind of product are going to feel quite comfortable messing around with memory timings and speed (this is a common feature even with very cheap/ basic desktop motherboards), and also a common feature on enthusiast laptops (if I’m not mistaken).

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I also just ran into this problem. Got my DIY Framwork yesterday und put in my Crucial Ballistix 3200Mhz 2x16GB (BL2K16G32C16S4B) and saw that it was running at 2666Mhz. Went into the BIOS to find out Framework doesn’t support XMP. Didn’t even expenct this could be an issue.

Now I’m wondering if there will be any XMP support in the future (then I’d keep mine and wait) or if I should return it and buy correct ram.

I would just go and buy the correct RAM. It’s more of a deterministic outcome that’s mostly under your control.

Too many variables to wait for XMP support in BIOS if they ever decide to do it, and then when will they do it…and then when will they release that BIOS…if ever.

I thought the same and already bought new one. Even saved 20€ lol

Plenty of info on the site as to what RAM works at 3200 and what doesn’t.

Enjoying my 3200 CL20 goodness. No reason not to get a 3200 set really.

Hmm… not supporting XMP is a surprise for me, because this has been a feature of desktop boards since DDR3. My NUC NUC8i7BEH with i7-8559U and Intel’s own UEFI doesn’t support XMP but it does support custom memory timings. We’re now at 12th gen, and?..

Anyway, while I’m waiting for my shipment, there are two SKUs of G.Skill memory, F4-3200C18D-32GRS and F4-3200C22D-32GRS. Both, according to G.Skill web site support 32000 natively (JEDEC), but the CL16 also has a CL18 XMP profile and a reference to NUC8 in the “specification” section, which indicates that these modules were developed eons ago.

So, the question is, is XMP support something that is only a firmware problem or is there something missing on the 12th gen frame.work motherboard, like some additional wires/signalling?