Overclocking support

I would like to be able to overclock my memory to its XMP profile. Will this be possible in a future firmware release?

Probably not, it must natively support 3200MHz to work, without XMP. I do not think the hardware supports XMP either.

Intel unfortunately only allows overclocking on their 45W “H” cpus. Though 3200Mhz with better timings migth be possbile

Yes this is my hope, since my memory is rated for a 16 timing at 3200 mhz, but I can’t turn the timing down which would help performance instead of being stuck at 2667.

What is the memory speed on this thing? 2400? 2666?3200?
It depend on the CPU, I think. The current Pentium Gold 6405U I am running off, apparently, have support for a maximum of 2400.

The XMP is available on other Laptops with the 12th gen P chips, why not on the Framework? I think MSI is one that uses the 1280P and allows for XMP to be enabled.
It isn’t like we are trying to overclock the CPU, just utilize the RAM to it’s full potential (XMP profiles).

our RAM is DDR4. I am not sure how many XMP potential it is going to have.
The reasoning is simple: Upgrading from 11th gen, you wont need to buy new sticks. Also, DDR5 that is packed in SODIMM (small-outline DIMM, a.k.a. laptop sizing) is very rare
Well, not as common as DDR4 ones.

I’m running a i7-1260p and running at XMP speeds? RAM is rated for 3200 and seems to be doing it…

Very rare is correct in this case.
Not to mention they’re also not very future proof (Think DDR4-2400).
Also they’re REALLY expensive haha.
ALSO (srry for the flow), DDR5 doesn’t have many benefits from benchmarks afaik right now.

That’s just JEDEC.

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for most people memory capacity is more important than the speed of memory. I famously purchased 3200MHz DDR4s, yet my Pentium can only run them at 2666.

They are ridiculously expensive, and considering quite a few people
are upgrading from the 11th gen board, telling them to buy new memory does not seem to be the most welcome.

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Probably because you are using memory that can natively run at 3200 without the need for an XMP profile. Framework doesn’t support XMP.

Note: We do not currently have XMP memory support on the Framework Laptop. We recommend using DRAM that natively runs at DDR4-3200 speeds. While XMP memory should safely fall back to a slower speed, we have seen customer reports of some XMP memory modules from HyperX and other brands not booting, especially when used in Channel 0.

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