Your 3 indispensable Linux applications/utilities?

They can be cross platform, but please don’t post boring things like powertop, Firefox, or LibreOffice :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go first:

  • LyX (sort of LaTeX WYSIWYG document editor- primarily for academic stuff)
  • Joplin (open source markdown/katex note application, interface is similar to Notion)
  • Mint’s webapp-manager utility, because I have to do alot of stuff in OneDrive for school and the two native OneDrive clients on Linux are kind of sus, and I like to open this separate (and save my password) from my normal Firefox window.

Your turn!


zellij: Prevents sessions from dying when my SSH connections drop-- very handy.
nnn: Simple, easy to use file manager. Also good for navigation, when set up to cd on exit.
nix: I can get pretty much any other package I need with this.


Hmm…There are a bunch more than these, but I think the following are more valuable to me as they are useful to help me earn money.

  • tmux: Along with tpm and some common plugins, I spend most of my time on the terminal. I use it along with neovim and other tools to get things done for work and personal projects.
  • Neovim: My editor for all things. I use a slightly modified kickstart.nvim.
  • git + glab: Work repos are managed on gitlab. I use glab for managing issues, creating merge requests, and with some custom scripts I keep the many repos synced locally.

My slightly useful, but really just fun bonus tool:

  • btop++: It looks so cool, but my wife is unimpressed ( ¯_(ツ)_/¯). It’s prettier and more useful than htop. I used ytop, but that is an archived project, I believe.
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Firefox? Boring? You should see my setup!! At least it’s pretty much indispensable, it’s how I’m typing here!

More seriously, I guess I’m really a boring old dude, with my Emacs doing almost everything… That’s what I use for Markdown, LaTeX, email (through notmuch), and coding (props to magit here).

I also use syncthing quite a bit. I’m probably forgetting half a dozen other tools I would die without, but let’s keep this short. :slight_smile:


Using Konsole, Thunderbird, Firefox/Chromium, NeoChat, KDEnLive, Emacs.
That’s about it :slight_smile:

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Yay: wrapper for Arch’s pacman package manager that pulls in Arch User Repository (AUR) provided packages

Hostapd: creates infrastructure WiFi APs from most WiFi chipsets

wg-quick : command line control of Wire guard, the next level VPN…


That’s literally in the kernel, not sure if that counts.

I’ll offer:

  • KeePassXC: the heart of my personal security setup
  • Rclone: running as a cron job once per hour to sync a few subdirectories in my home directory (including the one with my KeePassXC database) to a cloud storage service
  • uBlock Origin extension for Firefox: does that count?
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There, fixed it to be the userland utility to control wire guard instead :slight_smile:


There are too many to narrow down to 3, so here’s some extra stuff.

  • I always need a good grep tool, been trying out ripgrep lately.
  • someone already said tmux, so I’ll just add that I find I need prezto for zsh.
  • obsidian is the happiest I’ve been with note taking applications for a long time.